Spotlight On: Audio and Video Fittings

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Whether you supply to businesses in hospitality or offer products to offices, having high-quality video and audio fittings in a premise can boost sales, and bring in a bigger, happier customer base. In today's mindset of ‘want it now, and fast’ customer expectations are high, and customers in all areas want to want to stay connected. Video and audio fittings in a premise can boost sales, and bring in a bigger, happier customer base.

Surrounded by the nature of technology today, it is important that manufacturing and hardware trades take these needs into consideration when considering what stock to take on, in relation to customer demand.

Industry Demand

There are many industries that need a quick supply of these products, but there are others that you may not necessarily think of first. Bars, restaurants, and cafés are the obvious clients to need a quick delivery and high-quality supply of these products; sports bars, in particular, have a high need for TV and audio fittings.

But there are other lesser-thought-of places, such as waiting rooms and lobbies, that will also need a reputable supplier. These products aren’t just for aesthetic purposes; a TV can give a positive first impression and create a welcoming atmosphere that may help people feel more relaxed, particularly in hospitals and doctors waiting rooms. Most industries could benefit from a TV area or a background radio system playing.

The Hardware and Business

Depending on what kind of business you are supplying to, you should consider how – and how many – people will interact with the setting and layout of the area. These factors are important when installing or fitting any video or audio compartments.

Bars may need multiple, large installations – 50 inches or larger isn’t uncommon if they want to attract sporting fans – and the screens need to be situated in areas where all customers can see at most angles.

In a smaller business or lobby, the fittings may also be smaller and more intimate. For instance, petite screens would make for a better fit in fitness centres and other similar industries.

Installation Process

When installing video fittings in any business place, consider traffic patterns and any seating arrangements. Try to avoid placing fittings where people may restrict the view of others by walking past and attempt for every seat to have an unrestricted view of at least one screen.

You need to consider the space of the room you are working in, so it’s important to analyse the acoustics and be aware of any special surroundings. The customer may benefit from extra audio fittings to complement the video specifications, so by seeing the room beforehand you’ll be able to advise the business owner on the best products for them.

There are numerous benefits of having a high-quality video system in a business setting. The customer demand for these services and products can sometimes be overlooked, but in the technology driven world we live in, it is important that trades in manufacturing and hardware consider this.

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