No More (Trapped) Nails!

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Imagine you're having a busy day at work. You're being called out left, right and centre and you've been running around so much that work has turned into a gym workout. The very last thing you want is to trap your fingers in a drawer or struggle to open a drawer up. We're pretty confident we have the solution to your drawer problems. 

So you've had a tiring day at work, you now have five minutes before five o'clock and the very last task you have to do requires opening that drawer. You know the one we're talking about, the drawer everybody curses, the drawer that grates and screeches when opened, the drawer you have to put your weight against to move and inch. How much easier would it make your life if that drawer just didn't exist?

Well, Blum drawer runners may be the key to all of your problems. They may not remove that annoying drawer from your life all together, but they will help you open it.

What are they and why are they so amazing and hassle free?

Well, Blum drawer runners allow any drawer to move smoothly and without any resistance.

What does this mean for you?

No more wrestling with the drawer at the end of your shift, no more cursing the cabinates and no more catching yourself when the drawer suddenly springs open!

All of our drawer runners offer effortless usage for any design of drawers your business uses.

But what if that pesky drawer is suddenly too smooth to open? What if it suddenly closes a little too fast? Let's admit it, it does happen.

We mean, how tired are you of trapping your fingers and losing your nails in drawers and doors? We know how much of a pain this is, trust us, we've all been there. When you're in a rush- or even when you're not- and you don't move your hand fast enough and BAM, time to find a decent plaster. How can you prevent this from happening again? Here at Hart Wholesale, we have blumotion drawer runners which- we're pretty confident- will save your sore fingers and thumbs.

Blumotion allows doors and drawers to open smoothly and close slowly, so it doesn't matter how irritated you are, trying to slam a drawer shut is impossible. What does that mean? It means you get to keep your fingers and nails! Hurray!

You can find our variety of drawer runners on our website or, if you need to know anything else, why not call us on 01702 614044 or visit our store today.


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