Fittings for the Home During Winter

By Martin Hart on Thu 05 March 2020

Winter brings cold and damp weather to every home, and certain precautions need to be taken to ensure homes don’t suffer from the adverse weather conditions.

Several fittings that can be useful all year around are particularly more important during winter, and you can ensure your clients’ homes are properly fitted and ready for the colder weather.

Warming Up the Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom moisture free as much as possible to avoid the formation of mould, which can negatively impact the health of anyone living in the house, is important. Through the installation of specialised fittings, you can assure your clients that their home will have a reduced chance of damp appearing.

By installing eDemist adhesive heating pads on the back of mirrors, the mirrors will be mist free, which is vital in areas of great moisture like bathrooms. The heating pads offer a seamless installation, with the guarantee of temperature stability and resistance to factors such as moisture, ageing, dust, and impact.


Ducting and Ventilation

Properly maintained ducting and ventilation ensure that homes have proper air ventilation throughout the entire house without requiring any windows to be open. With the lower temperatures of winter, open windows can be especially damaging to health as any draft can impact the health of children and older people in particular.

Some homes may require ducting and ventilation to be completely replaced, particularly older homes. The effects of malfunctioning ventilation might not be felt until winter has already caused damages, so it’s vital to ensure homes are fitted properly in time.


Floor Heating

Cold flooring is normal during winter – but you can fit your clients’ home with floor heating solutions for a more comfortable home. Walking barefoot on a cold floor can be harmful to health in general, particularly if someone is already ill. Warm flooring allows homes to heat up more efficiently and help to prevent colds.

With a Devilink, homes have an efficient way of controlling floor heating; a central controller ensures that temperatures across the home are controlled in such a way that there is no energy loss. Your clients will save on costs at the end of every month, on both a short and a long term basis.

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