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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Creative Uses of Reflective Glass


One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings. Which means manufacturers and tradespeople need to be ready to “reflect” on some new ideas.

One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings. Which means manufacturers and tradespeople need to be ready to “reflect” on some new ideas.



Not Just a Pretty Face


There are clear advantages for adding mirror glass for decorative effect, rather than simply placing it in bathrooms for cosmetic reasons.

Primarily, mirror fittings help to lift light levels in smaller or darker spaces. A room can look much bigger with clever use of mirror glass. Mirrored surfaces never go out of fashion either and fit well with both traditional and modern interior designs.

Hanging mirrors in careful alignment with windows or skylights can create even more aesthetic and practical possibilities, enabling you to bring more of the outdoors in via ‘reflective windows’.

With a bit of flair, mirrors can create a real feature in new buildings or renovation projects. Adding appropriate lighting will increase their impact and value in these spaces.


Walls, Doors or any Surface


Get the right mirror fittings to match, and you can hang this reflective surface in many more places than just the walls. The wonderful thing about modern mirror glass is that it can be produced in a myriad of different sizes, shapes and effects. This makes it a highly versatile component that can be slotted into a lot of different places and products.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate mirror glass into home construction is by adding it to bedroom doors. You can even use it in kitchen cabinet doors to create a sparkling and reflective finish in contemporary kitchens.

Though it is available in different thicknesses, adding glass does increase the weight of doors, wardrobe sides or cabinets. Therefore, make sure you adjust the calibre of the butt hinges and other supportive components, such as shelf supports and drawer runners, to account for any added weight.

Here are a few creative ideas for adding mirror glass to your project, product or construction scheme:


Asymmetric Mirrors


Anything can work in interior design these days. The traditional rules have gone out of the window. This includes using geometric shapes in asymmetric arrangements. There are increasingly more controversial but stunning contemporary buildings that reflect this trend towards asymmetry (check out the Aoyama Technical College in Tokyo or Abu Dhabi's Capital Gate).

Mirror glass lends itself to this trend brilliantly. Bold and layered mirror designs that ignore traditional shapes can be a real eye catcher, particularly in foyers.


Mirror Gallery


Why add just one mirror to a wall when creating a pattern of various sizes and styles can look alluring and attractive? Mix in some wall art too, and it creates innovative appeal, looking different from every angle.

In bathrooms, a whole wall of uniform or mixed mirrors can be striking, and also very practical. With that much glass around, it's imperative to make sure wall mountings are of the highest standard to keep it well and safe.


Recessed Mirrors


Nor does mirror glass have to be flush to the wall. It is ideal for making recessed shelving or nooks and crannies “pop”. Putting mirror glass into recessed areas creates bold and impressive display features in both workplaces and new homes, as well as maximising the quirky features of rooms.


Mirror Pendants



This is one idea that definitely requires you to stock or supply the correct mirror fittings or supports. Hanging mirror glass from chains or ropes is innovative and fun and can even create a degree of movement. Pendant mirrors incorporating heavy duty chains can look particularly stunning in industrial style interiors (see our previous blog).


Surprise Mirrors


As mentioned above, adding mirror glass to doors and kitchen cabinets is popular, but why not take that a step further and put it in unexpected places? For example, hall doorways arched in glass can seriously lift the space. Stunning mirror motifs can also be created in bathrooms with a design echoed on walls, cabinets and stands.

Mirror glass makes a great splashback surface in bathrooms and kitchens, too. Putting mirror glass inside cabinetry - to be revealed only when the doors are open - will create the perfect display cabinet or mini bar.

Alternatively, the surprise could be more instantly visible. You could have mirror glass arrangements growing in size upwards from the floor, for example, rather than placed centrally on the wall.

There are even ways to recess mirror glass into stairways, for anyone who likes to make a glittering and luxurious entrance.


Reflecting High Quality Components


Make the most of your home or office space by taking advantage of some of these design tips. Hart Wholesale offer a wide range of stock for manufacturers and hardware traders, including components such as butt hinges, shelf supports and mirror fittings. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next interior design project.

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