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The Importance of PPE for On-Site Safety

11/06/2018 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment. It can mean safety helmets and boots, goggles, protective gloves, ear defenders and many other things. It is usually the responsibility of the employer in any trade to provide PPE and failure to issue it could even invalidate employer's liability insurance claims should an incident occur.


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Risk Assessments

The required PPE is identified by carrying out a risk assessment that looks at an environment and/or a specific task, such as carpentry or plastering. A risk assessment is health and safety in action because it analyses the circumstances of any task to identify and mitigate any hazards that may present themselves. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the work in question, certain PPE items must be used at all times. Any site safety briefings should explain the PPE to be used and provide it for employees who don't have their own.

Your Responsibilities and Obligations

PPE is not an expensive investment, but it saves lives. It is a fundamental aspect of health and safety in any working environment, alongside a site safety induction which must be provided for employees who will be working on site. All employers have a legal obligation to take measures to protect the safety of their employees, primarily by ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and PPE that is appropriate for a task. Some small building contractors, for example, will have to specify that their employees wear hard hats and goggles. Even if the employer specifies that employees must provide their own PPE for the site, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that equipment is worn. It is of paramount importance for the safety of employees and the eligibility of insurance claims should any accident or damage occur.

A Wholesale Solution

At Blum, we are best known for our  Blum Hinges and various other components like tambour doors and TV fittings, but we also supply specialist equipment like PPE safety equipment. We like to provide a full service for the manufacture and hardware trades, and health and safety is always an underlying consideration for any trade. If you want to ensure you and your employees are performing your jobs safely, you must not ignore the importance of PPE. We supply a wide range of PPE safety equipment, so have a look at what we supply to ensure you are meeting the health and safety regulations of law and of your insurance policies at all times.

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