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The Top 5 Benefits Of LED Lighting For Your Home Or Business


If you're ready to make the switch to energy and time-efficient LEDs, you don't have to limit yourself to conventional bulbs. LED tape is extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of functional and decorative uses in the home or for business. You probably already know that LED lights are around 85% more efficient than standard light bulbs but did you realise they can also improve physical energy levels and operate in extremes of temperature? Here are 5 of the proven benefits of LED strip lights that make them the savvy choice for home or business use.

1. Easy To Install

Most LED strips come with a self-adhesive backing that means they can simply be stuck into place. And the flexibility of tape means that you can use LED tape in hard to reach and hard to light areas, increasing safety in the workplace. In fact, LEDs are the safest lights to use in any situation as they only require a low voltage power supply to give beautiful and incredibly long-lasting illumination.

LED strip lights.jpg 

2. Cost Effective

The energy efficiency of LEDs obviously makes them very attractive as a way to light your home or commercial premises, but these lights are cost effective in other ways, too. Although LED lights can be more expensive upfront, their durability, energy savings and long life make them more cost effective than other energy efficient lighting choices like CFLs. LED tape is a clever way to start making the switch for a lower initial outlay.

3. Design Flexibility

Not only is LED tape literally flexible, but the way you control LED lighting means you can make use of a huge range of lighting effects that can range from highly functional task illumination to effects that are soft and soothing mentally. LED mood illumination is already in use on airplanes, and LED tape is an effective way to experiment in the home or for business.

4. Operational Extremes

Because LED lights can withstand extremes of temperature, they're ideal for illumination in cold spaces. You can make a walk-in freezer safer and more accessible with LED tape illumination, or create a stunning outdoor Christmas theme for your business.

5. Workplace Lighting

Eyestrain can be a huge issue for office workers in poorly lit interiors. In fact, eyestrain is the number one health complaint of indoor workers, resulting in headaches and eye irritation. When you create proper task lighting with flexible and controllable LED tape, you'll not only improve productivity but mood and energy levels as well. In fact, because of the more efficient way light is dispersed by LEDs, and their higher application efficiency, they deliver light more effectively in any situation.

There are so many benefits to LED lights, isn't it time you made the switch? Our range of made to measure LED lights are the ideal solution for your home or business if you want to take advantage of this safe, energy-efficient, effective and highly controllable light source. Then contact us today to find out how you can make LED tape lighting work for your home or business.

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