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Top 5 Interior Lighting Trends for 2018


Any reputable Interior Designer understands that in order to stay current and ensure positive results, they need to look to trends to assess what styles are going to deliver.

Carefully mapping what trends are in style plays a huge part in this.

Whilst initially the process can seem like a hefty one, taking each component in the room one at a time can alleviate any stress or prevent potential errors.

The type of lighting implemented is one of these components.

Predictions for 2018

Here are our top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018:

1.      Lights in Surprise Places

Gaining popularity annually is the ‘surprise’ light.

Surprise lighting is best described as functional lighting in places the individual might not expect.

From lighting embedded in mirrors to lighting around the base of a bed and inside of a wardrobe – surprise lighting is gaining popularity each year.

At HART Wholesale, we can provide several options to fulfil this trend, such as the Illuminated Wardrobe Rail, which is sure to complete the special touches that your client will appreciate.


1.      The Bigger the Better

Moving forward from the minimalist interior design trend that was prominent in the early noughties, more grand designs, such as ornate chandeliers, are making a return.

Originally installed by only the wealthy in medieval times, chandeliers are an easy way of inserting a tone of opulence into the home, whilst keeping up with current trends.

2.      Exposed Bulbs

Following on from our previous How to Achieve ‘Industrial-Style’ Interior Design blog, one of the prominent trends of 2018 is designing a space with rural or industrial-style aspects.

One way to achieve this look is through using exposed lighting or lightbulbs.

Our Vintage LED Globe Filament Bulbs or, alternatively, LED Golf Ball bulbs, are perfect for this. Vintage_Bulb

1.      Down Lights

Elevating the level of interior chic in your clients home is the introduction of downlights.

Downlights, or downlighting, is when lighting is directed in a downward motion, highlighting an intended area.

This can accentuate particular features in the home and can also reduce light pollution if the room requires a specific level of light.

Whether including one or multiple in an interior space, the lighting system, which is usually concealed, is a trend which appears popular already in 2018.

2.      Softer Lighting

A trend which sees no sign of ‘dimming down’, is the softer lighting feature several interior designers are looking to this year.

Whereas once upon a time lighting came in the same standard bulb, nowadays there are more options available to help set the mood of the room you are designing.

Harsher bulbs can be switched to bulbs with softer tones, or can even be enhanced with the innovative Harmony Grid LV Dimmer Switch, allowing the homeowner total control over what level of light they require.  dimmer

Feeling inspired? Contact us on 01702 614044 or visit our showroom at 1-5 Rosshill Industrial Park, Sutton Road, Southend on Sea, Essex SS2 5PZ – our expert team members are always happy to help. 

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