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Living in an age of materialism can be quite difficult; keeping up with the times often results in a plethora of stuff around the house that we don’t always need, inevitably resulting in outcries of ‘We need more space!’...
We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...


Upcycle your Furniture


Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career. Many people are getting into updating the look of each of their rooms, without having to replace every item of furniture; if it still works, why get rid of it? This activity is in keeping with the current push to go green, so you can feel good about doing your bit for the environment while enjoying your arts and crafts talents.

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