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When we think of the ultimate DIY dream, we imagine a hot day in summer with a cool breeze and cooler drinks...
As kitchen units age, they become more susceptible to breakdown...
With more people than ever spending an extended amount of time in their homes, chances are there are a lot more DIY projects taking place right now...


Your Summer DIY Checklist


The summer has always been the perfect season to tackle those at-home DIY projects that you’ve been putting off. This year has been an especially great time to get started, given so many of us are no doubt spending more time at home. If you’ve been putting off tackling those DIY projects around the house, now is the ideal time to get started.

To help, here's a checklist you can use to figure out if you need any work doing at home and how you can get started.


A Fresh Coat of Paint


With all the dry, sunny spells that the summer brings, painting the exterior of your house doesn't get any easier than this. Wait for a period of good dry weather that will allow you the best chance to get that paint on the walls, with the added bonus that you won't have very long to wait until it dries either.


Whether it's the front door, the garden railings or even the outside of your house, summer is the perfect time to give your home new life with a fresh coat of paint - the interior rooms can be done too. Start with a wire brush to remove flakes of old paint and sand it all down so it's ready for a fresh coat. DIY shops should be able to help you choose the right kinds of paints so you can match the colours, and recommend the right type of rollers and brushes to keep those coats perfectly even.


Solve Storage Problems


Everyone feels like they don't have enough space, and the summer is the perfect time to clear out your home and find innovative places for your belongings that will create more space. Start by getting rid of the rubbish that has piled up over the years. Whether it's donating unwanted but perfectly good items or tossing out broken things that you shouldn't be clinging onto anymore, get it all out so you can start afresh.


Examine the space you have and decide what kind of space-saving ideas to implement. It could be something as simple as some shelves or cupboards that can be easily installed by yourself. You'll be surprised how much space you can save with a well-placed shelf or a new cabinet. You could even modify existing cupboards to create more places to hang items, like pans on the back door of a cupboard, so they don't have to pile on top of each other, taking up lots of space.


At Hart Wholesale, we have a wide range of hinges available, including Blum hinges, as well as drawer runners that can help you build that perfect cupboard or drawer to create new space in your home.




Fix Those Fences


The high winds of the winter can do real damage to garden fences, so now is the perfect time to fix any broken pieces or replace any missing panels. It's a much more cost-effective way of ensuring your fence is fit for purpose than letting it get more and more broken each year, meaning you'll have to spend a lot more when you eventually have to replace the entire thing as it collapses. You can also take advantage of the beautiful weather and give it a fresh coat of paint to spruce up that garden.




Refresh the Patio


While patios are durable and can pretty much be left to themselves, they do occasionally need some maintenance as moss can grow on the surface and make it slippery, as well as not look very attractive. For not much money, you can pick up some specialist cleaning materials or equipment to wash down those patio surfaces. A high-pressure washer can be a great investment. Just break it out every summer to give that patio or deck a wash down and prevent the build-up that could cause it to become virtually unusable. Keep it nice and clean so you can take advantage of the great outdoors this summer.




Do Up the Bathroom


Bathrooms are one room that often needs a bit of sprucing up over the years. These rooms often fall victim to moisture damage and end up looking a little worse for wear. Consider stripping off that peeling paint or wallpaper and giving it a new lease of life with a coat of paint or even some beautiful tiles.


Perhaps you could even update some of those old bathroom fixtures. You'll be amazed at how much better your bathroom looks after a new light fitting, cabinet, tap or shower fitting. At Hart Wholesale, we can provide a wide range of bathroom fittings and fixtures for all your decorating and re-design work. Whether shower seats, curtain railings or toothbrush holders, we can supply you with what you need.




This summer get started on all those DIY projects that you've been meaning to do. Feel free to browse our website and discover everything we have available that can help you with your home projects. From fixtures to hinges, screws to fittings, we have everything you need for your DIY projects. Contact us today for more information.


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