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Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...
Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...
One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...

100 Ducting   Back to System 100

V130Telescopic Pipe£8.22
V010System100 Flat ChannelFrom £1.70
V030System100 Elbow BendFrom £3.21
V050System100 90° BendFrom £3.21
V055Duct, Bend, Horizontal 90°From £2.90
V070System100 Round-Rectang AdapterFrom £2.04
V1100-4EasiPipe100 Round PipeFrom £5.83
V115-4Duct Wall PlateFrom £1.06
V125-3Hose ClipFrom £0.74
V4032-15System100 Round DuctingFrom £6.03
V4804BRound Louvred Grille, FlyscreenFrom £1.46
V4900System100 Wall OutletFrom £1.83
V4902System100 Cowled Wall OutletFrom £3.39
V4903System100 Cowled Wall OutletFrom £3.51
V4904BSystem100 Louvred GrilleFrom £1.74
V4907CHSystem100 Round Ceiling DiffuserFrom £3.12
V497Sys100 Condensation Trap 100-110mmFrom £7.35
VF4904BSystem100 Louvred GrilleFrom £3.10
V598Y Piece Connector, PVCFrom £3.01
V020System100 Flat Channel Connector£1.30
V027System100 Flat Channel Connector£1.96
V073System100 Airbrick Adaptor£3.45
V077System100 Airbrick Adapter£2.29
V080System100 Horizontal T Piece£4.58
V107System100 Damper Valve£3.84
V114-4EasiPipe100 Round Wall Plate£1.52
V119System100 Circular Adapter£1.74
V120System100 Circular Adapter£1.29
V122System100 Flat Channel Clip£0.83
V136-04System100 Air Extract Valve£6.23
V136-24Air Extract Valve£10.01
V190Round Ducting Pipe£4.32
V313System100 Flexi Ducting£10.92
V380EasiPipe100 Round Hose Connector£1.23
V4457System100 Roof Weathering Slate£18.38
V490EasiPipe100 Round Elbow Connector£4.26
V491EasiPipe100 Round Elbow Connector£3.70
V492EasiPipe100 Equal T-Piece£8.29
V493EasiPipe100 Straight Pipe Connector£2.35
V494EasiPipe100 Connector£3.74
V495EasiPipe100 Connector£4.45
V496EasiPipe100 Pipe Fastener£1.32
VFLY4System100 Fly Screen Only£0.25
VUMD100TTimer In-Line Mixed Flow Duct Fan£68.68
V136-05System125 Air Extract Valve £7.50
V136-06System150 Air Extract Valve £10.01
V136FR-24MAir Extract Valve, Fire Rated £63.04
V4908FDiffuser, Multi-Directional Filter £25.66
V540-FCAir Valve, Flow Control Plenum £25.47
V550-GLDuch, High Efficiency, 90° £19.03
V954Double Airbrick Ø100-150 £37.45
V125-UNIHose Clip, Universal £2.35
V135-4Rigid Duct £3.15
V2100-4Rigid Duct Sleeve £6.54
V40AFEnvironmental Filter £8.84
V4905System100 Louvred Grille£3.29
V5697System125 Condensation Trap £22.62
VD1-2000Ducting £7.01
VSEALRigid Duct Sealant £6.50
V40AFPPollen Filter £8.84
V4994BSystem100 Louvred Grille + Flap From £4.00
V499System100 Equal Y Piece £9.95