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We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...

125 Ducting   Back to System 125

56530136Airbrick AdaptorFrom £1.92
V1100-5EasiPipe125 Round PipeFrom £7.71
V440Supertube125 Elbow Bend with SpigotFrom £6.36
V441Supertube125 Elbow BendFrom £7.71
V501BAirbrick Outlet with Damper£3.91
V510Supertube125 Flat ChannelFrom £7.83
V550Supertube125 90° BendFrom £7.02
V5900System125 Wall OutletFrom £5.81
V5902System125 Cowled Wall OutletFrom £7.38
V5904BSystem125 Louvred GrilleFrom £5.81
V5SL-500Duct, Silencer, Microban Protected£61.44
V114-5EasiPipe125 Round Wall Plate£1.55
V118System125 Circular Adapter£2.09
V1225Supertube125 Flat Channel Clip£0.71
V136-5Air Extract Valve£12.17
V518Supertube125 Flat Channel End Cap£2.26
V520Supertube125 Flat Channel Connector£4.60
V527Supertube125 Flat Channel Connector£5.81
V544Supertube125 Ducting Adapter£1.74
V570Supertube125 Round-Rectang Adapter£7.71
V582Supertube125 Horizontal T Piece£13.54
V5907WSystem125 Round Ceiling Diffuser£5.67
V591System125 Round Elbow Connector£6.36
V592EasiPipe125 Equal T-Piece£10.40
V593EasiPipe125 Straight Pipe Connector£2.90
V594EasiPipe125 Connector£4.70
V596EasiPipe125 Pipe Fastener£1.55
VFLY56System125 Fly Screen Only£0.51
VUMD125TUKV Standard In-line Duct Fan£79.18
V590EasiPipe125 Round Elbow Connector£7.71
V136FR-25MAir Extract Valve, Fire Rated £70.06
V644System125 Offset Reducer £2.09
V130-5Telescopic Pipe £12.20
V135-5Rigid Duct £4.36
V2100-5Rigid Duct Sleeve £8.72
V580EasiPipe125 Round Hose Connector £1.60
V5B303Duct, Connector, Universal £13.46
VD3-2000Ducting £15.62
V599MEasiPipe125 Equal Y Piece for 125£12.90
V501BAirbrick Outlet with Damper£3.91
50097164Compare Star Wall Vent System £257.35