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The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...

Aluminium Lever Handles   Back to Modern Lever Handles

DH320Cezanne Furniture Lever HandleFrom £4.72
DH491Lever Handle, OblongFrom £6.70
DF14131Briton Cylinder Locking Unit£56.55
90420021FSB1023 Lever Handle, Aluminium£63.18
90420091FSB1076 Lever Handle, Aluminium £75.32
90420141FSB1144 Lever Handle, Aluminium £61.84
90420451FSB1075 Lever Handle, Aluminium £68.12
90420481FSB1021 Lever Handle, Aluminium £75.32
90420601FSB1160 Lever Handle, Aluminium£65.29
90420931FSB1035 Lever Handle, Aluminium £70.00
90420961Sprung Lever Handle, Aluminium £10.51
DH490Round Bar Safety Lever Handle£5.20
HAC390ALever Handle, Curved£9.34
HAC392ALever Handle, Safety£11.49
HAC394ALever Handle, Straight£11.94
HAC396ALever Handle, Mitred£11.26
DHF145ARound Bar Lever Handle on Rose £7.71
DHZ091AZAA RTD Lever Handle £7.46
DHZ092AZAA RTD Lever Handle £8.28
DHZ094AZAA Lever Handle Inner Plate £8.54
DHZ095AZAA Lever Handle Long Inner Plate £8.99
DHZ098AZCA RTD Lever Handle £4.41
DF1413Briton Cylinder Locking Unit£61.54
DFC484AEurospec Rose Kit £2.67
DHC414AEurospec Curved Lever Handle £8.08
HAC555AEurospec Contract Lever Handle From £8.21
90420011FSB1020 Lever Handle, Aluminium £47.05
90420261FSB1034 Lever Handle, Aluminium £47.05
90420281FSB1111 Lever Handle, Aluminium £51.53
90450001FSB Door Knob Rose £18.98
DFZ091AZAA Cover PlateFrom £2.70
DFZ092AZAA Long Cover PlateFrom £4.22
DHZ093AZAA RTD Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £10.35
DHZ099AZCA Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £2.43
90178371Cransley Lever Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.09
90421501Safety Lever Handle, Aluminium£10.61
90599588Lever Handle on PlateFrom £2.86
90599919Lever Handle with Plate, Aluminium£17.13
90599920Lever Handle with Plate, AluminiumFrom £17.13
95802020Door Set, AluminiumFrom £4.07
DH204Jedo Lever Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.40
DHF364AFurniture Lever Handle on Rose £8.70
DHF365ALaser Lever Handle From £3.24
DHF143ALever Handle on Plate From £2.96
DHF144ARound Bar Lever Handle on Plate From £8.50
DH485Lever Lock HandleFrom £2.72
HAC388ALever Handle, SafetyFrom £8.24
HAC393ALever Handle, SafetyFrom £9.16
HAC398ALever Handle, SafetyFrom £6.14
HAC399AContract Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £4.59
HAC556AEurospec Mial Lever HandleFrom £5.02
DH489Budget Lever HandleFrom £3.04