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Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
In many new build homes and those that have been designed to modern standards, it can be difficult to put your mark on your property, turning a house into a home...
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Aluminium Pull Handles   Back to Cabinet Pull Handles

HAF103APull Handle, Rose FixingFrom £5.86
HAF104APull Handle, BowFrom £2.11
HAF105APull Handle, SquareFrom £4.95
15220201Furniture Knob, Aluminium£3.98
15220203Furniture Knob, Aluminium£4.60
10218244REGENT Pull HandleFrom £2.50
10866030ANGLE Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.50
10948207PUTNEY Pull HandleFrom £2.45
10948217DREWTON Pull HandleFrom £2.52
11028033Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.79
11121246SEYMOUR Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.10
11262003Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.27
11262013Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.35
11266086Furniture Bow Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.36
11285044Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £10.63
11285054Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £11.87
11286015Furniture Bow Handle, AluminiumFrom £11.54
11290014Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.95
11290234Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.37
12645031CURVE Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.51
12645045NOMA Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.83
DHZ096AZAA D Pull HandleFrom £4.31
DHZ097AZAA D Pull HandleFrom £7.65
DHZ100AZCA D Pull HandleFrom £3.15
11070253Pull Handle, Aluminium£5.51
11266244Furniture Bow Handle, Aluminium£7.04
11284014Furniture Trim Handle, Aluminium£4.44
12402220Lifestyle Finger Pull Handle£1.29
HA1063AAluminium D HandleFrom £1.61
HA3838Fusion Oval HandleFrom £6.84
10077006DRURY Pull Handle, Aluminium £8.60
12614901Profile Grip, Cabinet Wide Handle £19.74
10949935Pull Handle, Aluminium £2.84
HAR001ASyma 32 Cabinet Handle £27.44
11270235Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.02
11282265Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.86
11287004Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£5.01
11289034Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.58
11289214Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.12
10724415Pull Handle, Aluminium £1.08
11264213Pull Handle, Aluminium£4.70
HAC557AEurospec Rose Kit £3.51
HAC554AEurospec D Pull Handle From £4.54
HA1062Plain Scoop HandleFrom £1.96
11262077Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.05
11265204Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.58
11268235Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.85
11290004Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.50
HAC557AEurospec Rose Kit£4.19
11130908D Handle, Aluminium £16.73
11260258Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £8.64
11262079Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £11.84
11262229Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £12.34
11263204Pull Handle, Aluminium £5.33
11266084Furniture Bow Handle, Aluminium£3.82
11282052Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£3.19
11282263Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £4.17
11289025Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £7.32
11290034Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£5.61
11292218Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £5.14
11282252Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£3.75