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Professional tradesmen are generally aware that trying to save money by purchasing cheap tools is a false economy and it makes more sense to invest in good quality brands...
The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...

Aluminium Pull Handles   Back to Cabinet Pull Handles

11070253Pull Handle, Aluminium£5.51
11266244Furniture Bow Handle, Aluminium£7.04
11284014Furniture Trim Handle, Aluminium£4.44
12402220Lifestyle Finger Pull Handle£1.29
HA1063AAluminium D HandleFrom £1.61
HA3838Fusion Oval HandleFrom £6.84
10077006DRURY Pull Handle, Aluminium £8.60
12614901Profile Grip, Cabinet Wide Handle £19.74
10949935Pull Handle, Aluminium £2.84
HAR001ASyma 32 Cabinet Handle £27.44
11270235Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.02
11282265Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.86
11287004Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£5.01
11289034Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.58
11289214Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.12
10724415Pull Handle, Aluminium £1.08
11264213Pull Handle, Aluminium£4.70
HA1062Plain Scoop HandleFrom £1.96
11262077Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.05
11265204Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.58
11268235Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.85
11290004Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.50
11130908D Handle, Aluminium £16.73
11260258Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £8.64
11262079Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £11.84
11262229Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £12.34
11263204Pull Handle, Aluminium £5.33
11266084Furniture Bow Handle, Aluminium£3.82
11282052Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£3.19
11282263Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £4.17
11289025Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £7.32
11290034Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£5.61
11292218Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium £5.14
11282252Furniture Pull Handle, Aluminium£3.75
DHZ096AZAA D Pull HandleFrom £4.31
DHZ097AZAA D Pull HandleFrom £7.65
DHZ100AZCA D Pull HandleFrom £3.15
10218244REGENT Pull HandleFrom £2.50
10866030ANGLE Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.50
10948207PUTNEY Pull HandleFrom £2.45
10948217DREWTON Pull HandleFrom £2.52
11028033Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £5.79
11121246SEYMOUR Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.10
11262003Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.27
11262013Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.35
11266086Furniture Bow Handle, AluminiumFrom £5.36
11285044Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £10.63
11285054Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £11.87
11286015Furniture Bow Handle, AluminiumFrom £11.54
11290014Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.95
11290234Furniture Pull Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.37
12645031CURVE Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.51
12645045NOMA Profile Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.83
HAF104APull Handle, Bow From £2.11
HAF105APull Handle, Square From £4.95
DHF366AD Handle, Bolt Through Fixing From £3.07
DHF367APull Handle, Bolt Through Fixing From £2.08
DHF368APull Handle on Plate From £14.14
DHF369ADrawer Pull Handle £0.68
DHF240APull Handle, Rose FixingFrom £4.94
15220201Furniture Knob, AluminiumFrom £3.98
HAC554AEurospec D Pull HandleFrom £4.82
HAC557AEurospec Rose KitFrom £3.97