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Hart Wholesale | Bathrooms & Fixtures | Anti-Ligature Fittings

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Ligature is a material that is used for tying an object to another, such as a shipping vessel. Ligature can be made from a range of materials such as rope or wire. An anti ligature hardware product is designed to prevent the attachment of ligature to the hardware. Anti ligature hardware products are often used to prevent people from causing self harm by attaching ligature to door handles or locks.

Anti ligature products are widely used in care homes, hospitals and public buildings, generally anywhere people might be at harm to themselves. Hart Wholesale has an extensive range of anti ligature products that will help prevent people causing harm to themselves. We have a wide range of door hardware available including door handles, door hinges, and door locks. Our range of anti ligature products will help protect any environment where people might be at risk of harm.

90301640Anti-Ligature Pull Handle£166.83
90452081Anti-Ligature Thumbturn Escutcheon£55.66
92691670Anti-Ligature Continuous Hinge£226.27
92691680Anti-Ligature Continuous Hinge£202.00
93114329Anti-Ligature Over-Head Door Closer£535.98
93114359Anti-Ligature Over-Head Door Closer£607.15
93210270Anti-Ligature Bottom Strap£15.90
93210410Anti-Ligature Top Centre£28.61
ALF001AEclipse Anti-Ligature Door Knob From £54.18
ALF002AEclipse Anti-Ligature Lever Handle £84.86
ALF003AEclipse Anti-Ligature Escutcheon £31.41
ALF004AEclipse Anti-Ligature Turn+Release £83.07
ALF005AEclipse Anti-Ligature Coat Hook £56.96
ALF006AEclipse Anti-Ligature Flush Pull £30.85
ALF007AEclipse Anti-Ligature Pull Handle £56.32
ALF008AEclipse Anti-Ligature Hinge From £12.54
84476050Anti-Ligature Coat Hook £19.63
90252310Anti-Ligature Escutcheon £20.64
90253314Anti-Ligature WC Turn and Release £79.20
90306830Anti-Ligature Pull Handle £55.02
90306840Anti-Ligature Flush Pull Handle £35.81
90321280Anti-Ligature Lever Handle £84.36
91178024Anti-Ligature Knob From £109.04
91178026Anti-Ligature Knob £54.52
93190432Anti-Ligature Perko PowermaticFrom £344.90
93210110Anti-Ligature Floor Spring CoverFrom £35.51
90252068Anti-Ligature Escutcheon £94.19
90502651Anti-Ligature Pull Handle on Plate £69.64