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Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...

Antique Handles   Back to Cabinet Traditional

12586611ACANTHUS Knob, Zinc Alloy£3.96
HA1017Swan Drawer Pull HandleFrom £0.74
11622555DUCHESS Drop HandleFrom £0.87
DH411Georgian Brass Shutter Knob, HollowFrom £4.80
HA1016Lifting HandleFrom £16.00
HA1019Keyhole Handle on BackplateFrom £1.54
HA1022Tear Drop Door PullFrom £1.78
HA1023Wine Cooler Drawer Pull HandleFrom £1.78
HA1030ALarge Arrow BackplateFrom £1.57
HA1030BSmall Arrow BackplateFrom £1.12
HA1030FBackplate, Small RoundFrom £0.43
HA1030GBackplate, Small SquareFrom £0.43
HA1042Pull D Handle, RibbedFrom £1.70
HA1050Lattice Back Drawer Pull HandleFrom £2.16
HA1051Lattice Back Door Pull HandleFrom £1.89
HA1089Antique Ring Pull HandleFrom £0.88
HA1090BLRing Pull, Handle OnlyFrom £1.46
HA1095APlain Pull HandleFrom £3.87
HA1097Hex Drop Pull HandleFrom £1.28
HA3014DVersailes Drawer PullFrom £0.85
HA3015LVersailes Knob Pull, LargeFrom £3.95
HA3051Waisted Bow HandleFrom £1.04
HA3063QCage Drop Handle, Heavy DutyFrom £4.27
HA3172Hammered R/F Cup HandleFrom £3.39
HA4196APull HandleFrom £6.43
HA4197APull HandleFrom £8.54
HA4198APull HandleFrom £6.47
HA4346APull HandleFrom £3.60
HAC172ATraditional Cup Pattern Pull HandleFrom £1.42
HAC187AStepped Edge Bow HandleFrom £2.13
HAC188AScalloped End HandleFrom £1.79
HAC532AAmbiani Pull HandleFrom £7.66
HAS001AD HandleFrom £1.04
HAS002ASquare D HandleFrom £2.51
HAS004ASlim Pull HandleFrom £0.98
HAS009AKnurled D HandleFrom £7.24
HAS010ASquare D HandleFrom £2.84
HAS012ASquare D HandleFrom £0.61
HAS016ARound Bar HandleFrom £2.30
HAS018ACurved Bow HandleFrom £1.85
HAS032AD HandleFrom £2.01
HAS033ABow HandleFrom £1.38
HAZ007AVERDANT Cabinet Knob, RectangularFrom £5.77
HAZ008AVERDANT Cabinet Knob, SquareFrom £6.44
HAZ009AVERDANT Cabinet Handle, RectangularFrom £10.01
HAM139ACabinet Drop HandleFrom £4.50
HAM140ACabinet Drop HandleFrom £3.60
HAM141ACabinet Drop HandleFrom £5.40
HAS030AT Bar HandleFrom £3.87
HA1025CFleur-De-Lys D Handle and Backplate£2.07
HA1099Ring Handle with Long Plate£2.10
HA1193BItalian Key+Plate Handle£12.00
10703915HAXBY Pull Handle£1.71
12162510DUCHESS Drop Ring HandleFrom £1.95
13497001BROMLEY Knob, BrassFrom £3.60
16608100Cup Handle, BrassFrom £17.10
HAS003ABridge Handle £1.08
HAS005AKnob £1.72
HAS006AHandle £4.59
HAS007AKnob with Backplate £3.33
HAS008AD Handle £2.23
HAS011ASottini Curved Pull Handle £1.78
HAS013ASquare Knob £2.55
HAS014ASquare Pull £1.63
HAS015AD Handle £2.69
HAS017AStrap Handle £2.31
HAS019AArched Handle £1.83
HAS020ABow Handle £1.40
HAS021AHandle £1.91
HAS022AWave D Handle £1.73
HAS023AInset Handle £3.81
HAS024ASquare Knob £2.24
HAS025ASquare Knob £0.91
HAS026AKnob with Backplate £2.00
HAS027ACrystal Knob £2.10
HAS028AWave Knob £1.73
HAS029AD Handle £1.54
HAS031AD Handle£2.01
HAS035ACup Handle £1.18
DH417Georgian Pull Handle£6.59
HA1014Wine Cooler Handle, Screw Fix£11.20
HA1014AWine Cooler Handle, Screw Fix£11.20
HA1015Eagle Back Cabinet Handle£40.00
HA1020Fancy Triangle Drop Handle£1.36
HA1021Small Ring, Small Square Backplate£1.06
HA1030HKeyhole Handle£0.58
HA1030IHole Backplate£1.60
HA1030PSmall Arrow Backplate£1.25
HA1033Fancy Cabinet Door Handle £1.19
HA1034Hex Cabinet Drop Handle, Double£1.28
HA1035Hex Cabinet Drop Handle, Single£1.20
HA1041Pendant Drop Pull Handle£0.90
HA1053Hex Drawer Pull Handle, Single£1.20
HA1054Flower Drawer Pull Handle£1.60
HA1082Handle Backplate£0.96
HA1083Long Ring Pull Handle£2.02
HA1084Long Drawer Pull Handle£3.02
HA1088Deluxe Drawer Drop handle£0.62
HA1094Plain Drop Handle£1.10
HA1193Italian Key+Plate Handle£12.00
HA1195Italian Heavy Drawer Drop Handle£76.00
HA1198Italian Small Drawer Pull Handle£60.00
HA3015AVersailes T Handle, Small£3.53
HA3017AWarwick Tudor D Handle£1.82
HA3019Belt and Buckle Cup Pull Handle£3.39
HA3020Fancy Cup Pull Handle£3.39
HA3024Victorian Sunrise Pull Handle£1.12
HA3025Wooden Knob with Backplate£1.84
HA3256Frances D Handle with Backplate£4.49
HA3268Futura Strap Handle£2.95
HA3373Pull Handle, Bowed£2.09
HA4191APull Handle£8.82
HA4192APull Handle£8.88
HA4193APull Handle£8.88
HA4194APull Handle£12.22
HA4195APull Handle£9.13
HA4326APull Handle£2.39
HA4327APull Handle£2.43
HA4328APull Handle£2.89
HA4329APull Handle£2.91
HA4330APull Handle£2.97
HA4331APull Handle£2.19
HA4332APull Handle£2.94
HA4333APull Handle£3.38
HA4334APull Handle£4.65
HA4335APull Handle£6.15
HA4336APull Handle£8.16
HA4337APull Handle£4.99
HA4338APull Handle£2.09
HA4341APull Handle£3.20
HA556CPCup Handle £1.15
12013130Drop Handle, Brass £10.27
HA4342APull Handle£4.32
HA4343APull Handle£2.58
HA4344APull Handle£1.99
HA4345APull Handle£2.00
HA4347APull Handle£2.60
HA4348APull Handle£5.38
HA4349APull Handle£6.86
HA4350APull Handle£3.95
HA4351APull Handle£7.53
HAC125AReeded Pull Handle£8.03
12162-0002Drop Pendant Handle, Zinc Alloy£0.93
11810101Vintage Drop Bar Cabinet Handle £1.27
HA2012Fleur-De-Lys D Handle £2.63
11832107Drop Pendant Handle £0.54
12013-0005SHELLEY Furniture Drop Handle £17.47
12013-0006SHELLEY Furniture Drop Handle £21.84
12072-0012VARLEY Furniture Handle £13.11
12131-0015ROSSETTI Furniture Handle £21.84
12131-0016ELIOT Furniture Handle £19.22
12160-0017ELLINGTON Furniture Knob £13.11
12160-0018ELLINGTON Furniture Handle £15.73
12160-0020TAMARA Furniture Knob £13.98
12160-0023HURSTON Furniture Knob £8.74
HAC126AReeded Pull Handle£8.03
10646903D Handle£3.75
12068110Drop Ring Handle£2.03
12542100Drop Pendant Handle£9.56
12587611ACANTHUS Handle with Backplate £8.65
HAC189BTraditional Pattern Drawer Handle £1.39

For those of you looking for a older, more traditional look, why not choose from our range of antique cabinet handles. We offer several finishes such as brass and satin nickle plus lot's of variety in styles, designs and sizing. Users will find old fashioned options that are sculpted in various ways such as drop handles, bow, latch d, and various pull handles, some of which are on a backplate, other not.