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The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...
LED lights can be a discreet yet stylish way to light up the room and enhance your décor...

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53511040Rangemaster 10179 Fridge Freezer£616.85
53511060Rangemaster 10180 Fridge Freezer£569.70
53511070Rangemaster 10178 Counter Freezer£381.14
53511080Rangemaster 10177 Counter Fridge£359.08
53521040Built-In Dishwasher £418.96
53521050Built-In Dishwasher £470.73
53504300Smeg Teppanyaki Grill Plate £157.18
53504309Smeg Cast Iron Griddle £120.51
53504310Smeg Cast Iron Griddle £110.02
53504320Smeg Teppanyaki Grill Plate £267.95
53504409Smeg 3 Level Telescopic Shelf £161.84
53504410Smeg Universal Pizza Stone £57.94
53504419Smeg Pizza Shovel £37.37
53504420Smeg Wire Plate Rack £34.43
53504421Smeg Wire Plate Rack £34.43
53504430Smeg Teppanyaki Grill Plate £128.30
53504470Smeg Cucina Set of 6 Controls £20.09
53504480Smeg Wok Support £18.34
53543350Smeg Stand Mixer and Pasta Roller £123.71
53543359Smeg Spaghetti Cutter Accessory £53.59
53543360Smeg Stand Mixer Bowl £45.34
53543410Smeg Multi Grinder Accessory £57.71
53614131Smeg In Column Fridge Freezer 50/50 £692.53
53614223Smeg Freestanding Fridge Freezer £1317.26
53614470Smeg Integrated Fridge and Freezer £720.38
53614480Smeg Integrated Fridge and Freezer £720.38
53614500Smeg In Column Freezer £883.66
53614540Smeg In Column Freezer £432.23
53614550Smeg In Column Larder Fridge £802.03
53614560Smeg In Column Fridge £816.43
53614600Smeg Underworktop Larder Fridge £408.22
53614610Smeg Underworktop Freezer £499.46
53614620Smeg In Column Fridge Freezer £816.43
53614630Smeg In Column Fridge Freezer £1023.89
53614650Smeg In Column Fridge with Ice Box £369.79
53614700Smeg In Column Fridge £509.08
53614710Smeg Two Door/Drawer Fridge Freezer £1764.18
53614773Smeg Freestanding Fridge Freezer £660.96
53614990Smeg Linking Strip £15.68
53624141Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher £538.56
53624151Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher £621.36
53624160Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher £394.20
53624161Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher £435.46
53624220Smeg Freestanding Dishwasher £698.54
53624279Smeg Door Panel Kit £174.64
53624311Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher £389.48
53543355Smeg Stand Mixer Ravioli Maker £123.71
53543365Smeg Bottle To Go £28.80
53543419Smeg Slicer and Grater Kit £57.71
53518020Freestanding Wine CoolerFrom £226.71
53518031Freestanding Wine CoolerFrom £313.65
53518033Freestanding Wine CoolerFrom £524.46
53518043Freestanding Double Wine CoolerFrom £595.66
53543320Smeg 50's Retro KettleFrom £90.70
53543370Smeg 2 Slice Toaster AccessoryFrom £12.33
56529000Plinth Heater, Steel£67.03
53614527Smeg Freestanding Fridge Freezer £433.03
53694063Smeg 50's Retro Washing Machine £1169.44
53624182Smeg Freestanding DishwasherFrom £370.80
42168470LED TV/Monitor Lift, 50KgFrom £323.93
56529086Sweepovac Kitchen Plinth VacuumFrom £11.60
53514301Smeg 50's Retro Fridge FreezerFrom £1461.38
53543371Smeg 4 Slice Toaster AccessoryFrom £16.45
53614070Smeg 50's Retro Fridge FreezerFrom £1798.88
53614076Smeg 50's Retro Fridge FreezerFrom £1798.88
53614090Smeg 50's Retro Fridge FreezerFrom £1517.63
53614181Smeg Freestanding Fridge, Four DoorFrom £1764.18
53614230Smeg 50's Retro Fridge FreezerFrom £1348.88
53614271Smeg 50's Retro FridgeFrom £955.13
53614351Smeg 50's Retro Home Bar FridgeFrom £955.13
53614751Smeg 50's Retro FridgeFrom £1911.37
53624192Smeg Retro Freestanding DishwasherFrom £1024.00
53624230Smeg Freestanding DishwasherFrom £547.72
53654801Smeg Linea Warming DrawerFrom £355.39
53654821Smeg Victoria Warming DrawerFrom £384.19
53543300Smeg 50's Retro ToasterFrom £98.96
53543310Smeg 50's Retro ToasterFrom £123.71
53543330Smeg 50's Retro Stand MixerFrom £288.70
53543340Smeg 50's Retro BlenderFrom £123.71
53543391Smeg 50's Retro Slow JuicerFrom £371.21
53543431Smeg 50's Retro Coffee MachineFrom £247.46
53614782Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Wine CoolerFrom £1499.06
53614790Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Wine CoolerFrom £2155.31
53654033Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Coffee MachineFrom £1780.31
53654873Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Warming DrawerFrom £388.80
53624330Smeg 50's Retro Dishwasher £1024.00
53624350Smeg Fully Integrated Dishwasher £729.02
53624910Smeg Dishwasher Glass Holder £57.64
53654021Smeg Classic Coffee Machine £1509.35
53654041Smeg Linea Automatic Coffee Machine £1509.35
53654813Smeg Linea Warming Drawer £465.41
53614378Smeg 50's Retro Minibar CoolerFrom £680.40
53654831Smeg Classic Warming Drawer £323.08
53654850Smeg Cucina Built In Warming Drawer £355.39
53694010Smeg Freestanding Washing Machine £654.66
53694020Smeg Freestanding Washing Machine £814.05
53694030Smeg Freestanding Washing Machine £535.91
53694070Smeg Freestanding Washing Dryer £1141.38
53694080Smeg Freestanding Washer Dryer £813.01
53694090Smeg Fully Integrated Washer Dryer £804.58
53694100Smeg Fully Integrated Washer £648.34
53694500Smeg Fully Integrated Washer Dryer £843.86
53694510Smeg Freestanding Washer Dryer £900.94
53694520Smeg Freestanding Condenser Dryer £535.41
53694990Smeg Stacking Kit £59.62

We offer a range of household appliances to make your life easier. View our selection of dishwashers, microwaves, tumble dryers, washing machines, refridgerators, hidden radios, kitchen scales, freezers and much more. Our wholesale products offer some of the highest quality designs available in the UK.