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We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...
Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...

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Office furniture ASP system. Choose from our wide selection of office furniture fittings, including cable management, cabinet locks, desk frames, drawer systems, swivel monitor arms, trays and filing systems.
78101925ASP Cross Profile, AluminiumFrom £15.33
78106303ASP Sealing Strip, Plastic£4.81
78112009ASP Plinth and Panel Clip, Plastic£0.59
78115001ASP Aximat Single Hinge, Zinc Alloy£2.17
78117923ASP Double-Ended Bolt, Steel£2.04
78112705ASP Locking Bolt, Zinc Alloy £2.43
78100928ASP Upright Profile, Aluminium £54.13