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Living in an age of materialism can be quite difficult; keeping up with the times often results in a plethora of stuff around the house that we don’t always need, inevitably resulting in outcries of ‘We need more space!’...
We have been using mirrors for thousands of years, but when did the mirror as we know it come into popular use? If you’ve ever wondered how mirrors were created, or how they work, this blog has the answers you need...

Avant Lever Handles   Back to Traditional Lever Handles

90180151Traditional Lever Handle, Latch£23.52
DHC411AArt Veronica Lever HandleFrom £138.72
DHA100AOld English Lever Handle, RichmondFrom £2.25
DHA101AOld English Lever Handle, DurhamFrom £24.80
DHA102AOld English Lever Handle, YorkFrom £24.80
DHA103AOld English Lever Handle,ColchesterFrom £24.80
DHA104AOld English Lever Handle, WarwickFrom £20.00
DHA105AOld English Lever Handle, WrexhamFrom £20.00
DHA106AOld English Lever Handle, OxfordFrom £24.80
DHA107AOld English Lever Handle, CambridgeFrom £24.80
DHA108AOld English Lever Handle, RochesterFrom £16.80
DHA259AReeded Lever Handle on RoseFrom £77.50
DHA263AReeded Lever Lock HandleFrom £93.31
DHA264AReeded Lever Latch HandleFrom £93.31
DHA265AReeded Lever Euro HandleFrom £93.31
DHA266AReeded Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £97.98
DHA267AReeded Slimline Lever Lock HandleFrom £110.43
DHA268ANewbury Lever Handle on RoseFrom £77.49
DHA269ANewbury Lever Lock HandleFrom £93.31
DHA270ANewbury Lever Latch HandleFrom £93.31
DHA271ANewbury Lever Euro HandleFrom £93.31
DHA272ANewbury Lever Bathroom HandleFrom £97.98
DHA273ANewbury Slimline Lever Lock HandleFrom £110.43
DHC176AFratelli Wentworth Lever HandleFrom £9.60
DHC177AFratelli Wentworth Lever HandleFrom £23.20
DHC178AFratelli StGeorge Lever HandleFrom £26.88
DHC179AFratelli Lytham Lever HandleFrom £21.60
DHC180AFratelli Versailles Lever HandleFrom £41.21
DHC181CFratelli Eden Lever HandleFrom £9.60
DHC182AFratelli Seville Lever HandleFrom £18.28
DHC183AFratelli Seville Lever HandleFrom £14.30
DHC184AIris, Designer Lever HandleFrom £36.00
DHC185DIbra, Designer Lever HandleFrom £21.52
DHC186ABona, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £24.09
DHC191BMadrid, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £19.92
DHC192AMadrid, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £21.36
DHC203AWing Lever HandleFrom £18.27
DHC409AArt Deco Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £30.80
DHC410AArt Deco Knob on BackplateFrom £26.80
DHC419ALudlow Tudor Lever HandleFrom £46.38
DHC420ALudlow Gothic Lever HandleFrom £45.15
DHF133ABroadway Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £12.60
DHF134AParis Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £10.97
DHF232ATurnberry Lever HandleFrom £9.44
DHF233AWentworth Lever HandleFrom £12.38
DHF236ARoyal Lever HandleFrom £12.38
DHF333AVenezia Lever HandleFrom £42.15
DHF361ABelfry Lever HandleFrom £20.32
DHF362AChester Lever HandleFrom £18.09
DHF450ACage Lever HandleFrom £11.77
DHM132ALara Lever Handle on PlateFrom £27.13
DHM132ELara Lever Handle on PlateFrom £27.13
DHM132ILara Lever Handle on PlateFrom £30.33
DHM132MLara Lever Handle on PlateFrom £30.33
DHM136AVenezia Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.87
DHM136CVenezia Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.87
DHM136EVenezia Lever Handle on PlateFrom £23.07
DHM136GVenezia Lever Handle on PlateFrom £23.07
DHM137AVenezia Small Lever Handle on PlateFrom £15.74
DHM137EVenezia Small Lever Handle on PlateFrom £18.94
DHM137GVenezia Small Lever Handle on PlateFrom £18.94
DHM128AWaldorf Lever Handle on PlateFrom £32.41
DHM129ADelta Lever Handle on PlateFrom £34.21
DHM130ACentaur Lever Handle on PlateFrom £31.08
DHM131ADeco Lever Handle on PlateFrom £29.71
DHM133ALisboa Lever Handle on PlateFrom £29.40
DHM134AVerona Long Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.05
DHM135AVerona Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.97
DHM353AAstoria Lever Handle on PlateFrom £45.57
DHM357ATiffany Lever Handle on PlateFrom £45.57
DHM361AAtlantis Lever Handle on PlateFrom £45.57
DHM373AKendal Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.99
DFF214APVCu Lockset for Wooder Door £16.18
DHC421ALudlow Narrow Plate Lever Handle £42.91
HAC511CArt Deco Lever Lock £30.80
90183152Traditional Lever Handle, Bathroom £30.37