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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...

Avant Lever Handles   Back to Traditional Lever Handles

90029593Lyon Lever Handle, Steel£38.91
90094678Traditional Regency Lever Handle£138.00
90199870La Rochelle Lever Handle, Bathroom£31.70
DHA100AOld English Lever Handle, RichmondFrom £2.25
DHA101AOld English Lever Handle, DurhamFrom £24.80
DHA102AOld English Lever Handle, YorkFrom £24.80
DHA103AOld English Lever Handle,ColchesterFrom £24.80
DHA106AOld English Lever Handle, OxfordFrom £24.80
DHA107AOld English Lever Handle, CambridgeFrom £24.80
DHA108AOld English Lever Handle, RochesterFrom £16.80
DHF133ABroadway Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £12.60
DHM132ALara Lever Handle on Plate From £27.13
DHM136AVenezia Lever Handle on Plate From £19.87
DHM137AVenezia Small Lever Handle on Plate From £15.74
DHM132ELara Lever Handle on Plate From £27.13
DHM132ILara Lever Handle on Plate From £30.33
DHM132MLara Lever Handle on Plate From £30.33
DHM136CVenezia Lever Handle on Plate From £19.87
DHM136EVenezia Lever Handle on Plate From £23.07
DHM136GVenezia Lever Handle on Plate From £23.07
DHM137EVenezia Small Lever Handle on Plate From £18.94
DHM137GVenezia Small Lever Handle on Plate From £18.94
DFF214APVCu Lockset for Wooder Door £16.18
DHA104AOld English Lever Handle, WarwickFrom £20.00
DHA105AOld English Lever Handle, WrexhamFrom £20.00
DHC176AFratelli Wentworth Lever HandleFrom £9.60
DHC178AFratelli StGeorge Lever HandleFrom £26.88
DHC179AFratelli Lytham Lever HandleFrom £22.35
DHC180AFratelli Versailles Lever HandleFrom £41.21
DHC182AFratelli Seville Lever HandleFrom £18.28
DHC183AFratelli Seville Lever HandleFrom £14.30
DHC184AIris, Designer Lever HandleFrom £36.00
DHC186ABona, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £24.09
90180151Traditional Lever Handle, LatchFrom £22.88
DHC421ALudlow Narrow Plate Lever Handle £45.55
DHC177AFratelli Wentworth Lever HandleFrom £22.06
DHC181AFratelli Eden Lever HandleFrom £9.60
DHC191AMadrid, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £19.92
90094668Traditional Scroll Lever HandleFrom £109.91
DHM128AWaldorf Lever Handle on PlateFrom £32.41
DHM129ADelta Lever Handle on PlateFrom £32.83
DHM130ACentaur Lever Handle on PlateFrom £29.82
DHM131ADeco Lever Handle on PlateFrom £28.51
DHM133ALisboa Lever Handle on PlateFrom £28.22
DHM134AVerona Long Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.05
DHM135AVerona Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.16
DHM353AAstoria Lever Handle on PlateFrom £43.73
DHM357ATiffany Lever Handle on PlateFrom £43.73
DHM361AAtlantis Lever Handle on PlateFrom £43.73
DHM373AKendal Lever Handle on PlateFrom £19.18
DHC185AIbra, Designer Lever HandleFrom £21.71
DHF361ABelfry Lever Handle From £20.32
DHF362AChester Lever Handle From £18.09
DHF450ACage Lever Handle From £11.77
DHF134AParis Lever Handle on BackplateFrom £10.97
DHF232ATurnberry Lever Handle From £9.44
DHF233AWentworth Lever Handle From £12.38
DHF236ARoyal Lever Handle From £12.38
DHC192AMadrid, Sterling Lever HandleFrom £19.26
DHC203AWing Lever HandleFrom £18.27
DHC409AArt Deco Lever Handle on Backplate From £29.82
DHC410AArt Deco Knob on Backplate From £28.51
DHC411AArt Veronica Lever Handle From £138.72
DHC419ALudlow Tudor Lever Handle From £49.23
DHC420ALudlow Gothic Lever Handle From £47.92
DHF333AVenezia Lever Handle From £42.15
90020751FSB1004 Lever Handle, Bronze £276.15
90020761FSB1163 Lever Handle, Bronze £277.63
90020771FSB1023 Lever Handle, Bronze £162.57
90020781FSB1106 Lever Handle, Bronze £173.79
90050201FSB1731 Round Rose, Bronze £38.22
90050211FSB1703 Square Rose, Bronze £69.67
90183151Traditional Lever Handle, BathroomFrom £27.98
HAC511CArt Deco Lever Lock £28.73