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Hart Wholesale | Aventos Stays | Aventos HK-XS

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HI175H3100Horizontal Cam Mounting PlateFrom £0.38
HI20K1301SETAVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism £7.38
HI20K1301TSETAVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism £13.96
HI20K1501SETAVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism £7.05
HI20K1501TSETAVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism £13.60
HI20K1101TSETAVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism £13.60
HI20K1101SETAVENTOS HK-XS Lift Mechanism £7.05
HI175H3130Aventos HK-S Front Fixing Bracket £0.43
HI20K4101AVENTOS HK-XS Front Fixing Bracket £0.31
HI20K5101AVENTOS HK-XS Cabinet Fixing £0.45

  • Easy to install using Blum 'Clip' technology
  • Simple drilling pattern
  • Unhanded
  • Entry level stay with BLUMOTION that compliments the AVENTOS range
  • Compatible with doors drilled for our top selling AVENTOS HF
  • Award winning Soft Close Technology
  • Tested to 80,000 cycles and backed up with our Lifetime Guarantee
  • Step less stop ensures positive experience with end user