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HI20K2300AVENTOS HK Lift MechanismFrom £17.45
HI20K8000AVENTOS HK Cover CapsFrom £4.63
HI20KT2300AVENTOS HK Lift Mechanism£31.68
HI20KT2500AVENTOS HK Lift MechanismFrom £31.68
HI20S4200AAVENTOS HK Front Fixing BracketFrom £2.13
HI21K800AVENTOS HK SERVODRIVE Cover CapsFrom £66.14
HI20K23SETAVENTOS HK Lift Set CompleteFrom £33.72
HI20K7011AVENTOS HK Opening Angle Stop£0.37
HI20K7041AVENTOS HK Opening Angle Stop£0.37

International design juries have praised the visual result and pros appreciate AVENTOS HK as a convenient lift system for mid wall units. The Aventos HK stay lift needs little space - even above fitted cabinets, e.g. above refrigerators. AVENTOS HK presents a flexible programme and a wide range of planning options.

  • Cabinet heights up to 600 mm
  • Cabinet widths up to 1800 mm
  • 4 lift mechanism types for all applications
  • Can be used with cornice and crown mouldings
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically
  • For wooden and aluminium frame fronts