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HA1036BGolf Ball Knob, AcrylicFrom £1.12
HA3041Iron Knob, Ball£1.60
HA3158Hammered Back Plate£0.32
HA3160Hammered Ball Shape Knob£2.88
HA3160ASmooth Ball Shape Knob£1.28
HAF109APlain Ball Cupboard Knob, AcrylicFrom £3.63
11292250STAR Knob £4.20
HAC356ASteelworx Round Ball Cabinet KnobFrom £1.81
12302-0026HARDY Furniture Knob £15.30
12302-0027HARDY Furniture Knob £15.30
12302-0028WORDSWORTH Furniture Knob £18.70
12302-0029WORDSWORTH Furniture Knob £18.70
13702-0013PRADO Furniture Knob £6.80
13702-0014PRADO Furniture Knob £6.80
HAC217AHammered Pattern Ball KnobFrom £2.54
HAC206ABall KnobFrom £1.76
HAC208AStainless Steel Spherical KnobFrom £1.86
DHZ089LFulton & Bray Victorian Cab Knob From £1.98
12302080JUPITER KnobFrom £5.21
13332710Knob, BrassFrom £14.74
13702219Knob, Ø20mm£3.10
13702228KENDRICK KnobFrom £4.52
HAF110ABall Shaped Cupboard Knob From £2.69
HAM110ACabinet Pull, Reeded SphereFrom £6.06
HAF204AReeded Cupboard Knob From £4.62
HAF216ADado Cabinet Knob From £0.94
HAF219APalla Cabinet Knob From £1.45
HAF111ABall Shaped Cupboard Knob From £4.81
DFA326ASpiral Cabinet Knob, BrassFrom £5.83
DFA723ABall Cabinet KnobFrom £7.22
HAC192AQueen Anne KnobFrom £2.10
HAC222ASteel Cage Ball KnobFrom £2.59
HAC235AHammered Finish Ball KnobFrom £2.59

On this page you will see our great selection of ball cabinet knobs. The unique designs and high quality finishes help our range stand out from the crowd and will help your cabinets look fantastic. Users will find various iron, acrylic, brass, steel and a few specialist items such as golf ball knobs.