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The accessories can transform a bathroom almost as much as the bathroom suite or furniture. From mirrors, toilet seats and towel rails, to bathroom fittings, shelves and even televisions, you can customise your bathroom easily, finding the bathroom items that work with your chosen style of décor and design.

Simply changing your accessories is an easy and affordable way to refresh your bathroom. A new toilet seat, soap dish and toothbrush holder can really smarten your bathroom up and you can keep your towels clean and tidy by using a matching towel rail or ring.

BFC102ADeLeau Steel Glass ShelfFrom £43.68
BFC103ADeLeau Steel Grab RailFrom £23.82
BFC119ADeLeau Tempo Toothbrush Holder£20.00
BFC122ADeLeau Tempo Oval Mirror£37.84
BFC128ADeLeau Edwardian Glass Shelf£91.78
BFC129ADeLeau Edwardian Grab Rail£64.37
BFC139ADeLeau Edwardian Toothbrush Holder£35.07
BFC148ADeLeau Mezzo Glass Shelf£41.90
BFC158ADeLeau Adagio Glass Shelf£18.02
BFC163ADeLeau Adagio Triangular Tray£18.08
BFC171ADeLeau Cadenza Glass Shelf£18.56
BFC176ADeLeau Cadenza Triangular Tray£17.22
BFC112ADeLeau Tempo Glass ShelfFrom £28.91
BFC126ADeLeau Edwardian Glass ShelfFrom £48.59
BFH023AFirecrest Grab Rail From £31.35
LIF1814Luxor Shaver Socket£15.23
36552708Flap-EX Stay, Max Weight 5kg £9.06
50263726Pico Vanity Waste Bin, 5L, Plastic£18.17
50289700Waste Bin, 8L, Plastic£28.69
50290516One2Four Waste Bin, Plastic £16.21
53250980Bathroom Freeview LCD HD TVFrom £544.07
58088090Britannia Clothes Rail £14.52
58095090Carroll Tilting Mirror, Rectangle £663.54
58095091Carroll Tilting Mirror, Oval £663.54
58095092Carroll Extending Shaving Mirror £301.37
58095093Carroll Freestanding Table Mirror £156.71
58849000Swing WashbasinFrom £2573.17
58866000Luxe Olea Washbasin £878.73
58866010Luxe Silicia WashbasinFrom £633.27
58866020Vintage Nordic WashbasinFrom £384.43
58866030Vintage Toulouse WashbasinFrom £358.27
58866035Toulouse Washbasin £111.19
58866040Castellon WashbasinFrom £261.40
58866050Nordic Thin Washbasin £79.73
58866051Nordic Washbasin £83.44
58866060Olea Cuadrado Thin Washbasin £92.10
58866070Sicilia Thin Washbasin £74.17
58866080Volta Thin Washbasin £92.66
58866090Nilo Thin Washbasin £154.55
58866200Bergamo Cloakroom Basin £61.80
58866210Gerona Cloakroom Basin £72.20
58866220Bristol Cloakroom Basin £67.92
58866230Luena Washbasin, Solid Surface £568.76
58866240Duet Washbasin £323.91
58866250Soto Washbasin £152.08
58866260Castro Washbasin £145.89
58866800Pop Up Valve, RoundFrom £17.34
58866902Pop Up Valve, SquareFrom £22.77
58866910Basin Trap, Round £37.52
58866911Basin Trap, Square £44.59
58866999Washbasin Wall Fixing Screw Set £4.76
98012302Toothbrush Holder, Brass£51.91
98034259PBA Mirror with Connectors From £168.10