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Hart Wholesale | Lights | Bathroom Lights

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Brighten up the bathroom with our selection of bathroom lights. We stock LED spotlights, arch & swivel lights, fluorescent lights and many more. See the full list of bathroom lighting fixtures we offer below.
82049867Mains to Distributor Lead, Plastic£1.89
LIF1829Low Voltage Arch Light Swival Head£16.78
LIF1830Low Voltage Arch Light Swival Head£20.64
LIF18301Low Voltage Arch Light Swival HeadFrom £20.64
LIF18303Low Voltage Arch Light Swival HeadFrom £17.91
LIF1919GARF Low Voltage Flush LightFrom £6.05
LIF1919NARF68 Halogen Flush Light£5.97
LIF1921DPlastic Ring for Low Voltage LightFrom £1.97
LIF1922EH24 Halogen Swival Ceiling Light£77.60
LIF1922FFireguard Downlight£6.80
LIF1922FBMFire Shower LightFrom £12.80
LIF1922LBNFire Rated Ceiling LightFrom £20.37
LIF1922LWFire Rated Bathroom LightFrom £28.50
LIF1922TFireguard Tilt Downlight£10.16
LIF1922TMFireguard Tilt Downlight£8.56
LIF1923Fireguard Dimmable Downlight£28.72
LIF5042ALED Wall Light, Round Glass £54.95
LIF5043ALED Wall Light, Up/Down £60.97
LIF5044ALED Round Drum, Ceiling Fitting £71.74
LIF5045ALED Circular, Ceiling Fitting £62.58
LIF5046ALED Bathroom Striplight £69.57
LIF5047ALED Over Mirror Angled Light £79.37
LIF3155AELAN-LED Tilt Bezel From £4.00
LIF4127AELAN Emergency Conversion Kit £63.92
LIF4144ABathroom Ceiling Plate Light £58.00
LIF4145ALED Bathroom Over Cabinet Light £18.44
LIF4146ALED Circular Over Cabinet Light £21.96
LIF4149ALED Elise Light £6.48
LIF4150ALED Jena Light £11.23
LIF3153AELAN-LED Fixed BezelFrom £1.60
LIF1923AFire Rated Downlight, FixedFrom £5.48
LIF1923BFire Rated Downlight, ShowerFrom £5.89
LIF1927Fire Rated Downlight, FixedFrom £6.39
LIF1927BFire Rated Downlight, ShowerFrom £6.91
LIF3148AFire Rated Downlight, TiltFrom £7.40
LIF5051AELAN Baffled Downlight BezelFrom £3.36
LIF5053AElite Ceiling Downlight, Tilt, GU10From £6.48
LIF3154BELAN-LED Fixed BezelFrom £2.64
82890911Heated Mirror Pad, IP44From £25.33
83314562STRATOS Profile Mirror LightFrom £71.49
LIF1924Transformer X60, For Mirror Lights£2.63
LIF1927AFire Rated Downlight, TiltFrom £6.32
LIF3152AELAN-10 Fixed Downlight and DriverFrom £20.72
LIF4124AELAN-8 Fixed Downlight and DriverFrom £15.92
LIF4125AELAN-8 Tilt Downlight and DriverFrom £17.52
LIF4126AELAN-10 Tilt Downlight and DriverFrom £22.32
LIF4147ALED Nara LightFrom £8.90
LIF4148ALED Nara-FL LightFrom £11.02
LIF5050AELAN-10 Baffled Downlight, DriverFrom £25.52
LIF5052AElite Ceiling Downlight, GU10From £5.70