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Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
In many new build homes and those that have been designed to modern standards, it can be difficult to put your mark on your property, turning a house into a home...
Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...

Bathroom Locks   Back to Door Locks

DHM502Bathroom LockFrom £5.18
DHM550ATubular Bathroom DeadboltFrom £4.50
DFF263ASquare Flush Pull KitFrom £15.88
DFF264ABathroom Sliding Door KitFrom £20.65
DFF265ABathroom Sliding Door KitFrom £28.60
DF848GEasi-T Tubular DeadboltFrom £3.00
91101113Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £6.01
91101160Calibre Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £32.72
91102149StarTec DIN Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £11.46
91102586Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £3.66
91103294Horizontal Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £40.30
91103357Modular Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £28.99
91103520Modular Mortice Bathroom Lock,SteelFrom £28.99
91107042Standard Mortice Bathroom Lock£27.53
91107070StarTec Mortice Bathroom LatchFrom £31.46
91122364Mortice Bathroom DeadboltFrom £16.18
91126084Mortice Hooklock Bathroom Lock SetFrom £38.99
91126159Modular Clawbolt Bathroom DoorlockFrom £28.40
91126630Bathroom Sliding Door LockFrom £30.21
DF848EBBathroom Sashlock£4.46
DFZ142AZDL Bath LockFrom £8.40
DFZ177AZBC Contract Bathroom LockFrom £3.60
DF848HFlat Deadlock£4.08
DF848LBath Flat DeadlockFrom £3.52
DF8481Easi-T Bathroom SashlockFrom £8.22
DFF251ABathroom Hub £1.67
DFF262APosition Tool For Locks £11.93
DF105Sliding Door Bathroom Hook Lock From £20.72
DF848AEasi-T Bathroom SashlockFrom £3.20
DFZ154AZDL Spare Anti Rattle StrikeFrom £2.03
DFZ153AZDL Spare StrikeFrom £2.03
DFA255ABathroom Latch, Left HandFrom £55.49
DFZ031AZUK Horizontal Bathroom LockFrom £14.30
DFZ044AZCS Din Lift to LockFrom £17.08
DFZ149AZDL ComponentsFrom £0.32
DFZ169AZUK Bathroom LockFrom £8.90
DFA256ABathroom Latch, Right HandFrom £55.49
91102208Fiscal Mortice Bathroom Lock£26.30
DFA731ABathroom Mortice LockFrom £8.99
DFA732ABathroom Mortice Lock, Heavy DutyFrom £19.71
DFC562AHeavy Duty Adjustable Roller Catch £4.48
DFC193ABathroom LockFrom £4.03
DFC194ABolt Through Tubular LatchFrom £1.41
DFC195ATubular LatchFrom £0.74
DFC197ADelamain Heavy Sprung Tubular LatchFrom £5.49
DFC198ADead BoltFrom £5.60
DFC233AEasi-T Bathroom LockFrom £8.98
DFC247AUniversal Replacement Bath SashlockFrom £11.46
DFC252AEasi-T Contract Din Bathroom LockFrom £3.20
91103428Mortice Bathroom Lock£186.26
DFC257AEasi-T Contract Bathroom LockFrom £1.60
DFZ150AZDL Spare Extend Tongue, StrikeFrom £3.15
DFZ151AZDL Spare Anti Rattle StrikeFrom £3.15
DFZ152AZDL Spare StrikeFrom £2.16
91106168Qube Bathroom Lock From £17.57
DFZ044JZLA Spare Double Strike for DIN £12.50
DFZ044CZRD Roller DIN Latch From £10.01
DFZ044EZRD Roller Sash Lock From £10.48
DFZ044GZRD Roller Bathroom Lock From £10.48