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One of the best ways to add interest to a home or office construction project is to be innovative in the way you use mirror fittings...
Ensuring that components are securely connected is a must for anyone in the hardware business...
When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...

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DF105Sliding Door Bathroom Hook LockFrom £22.00
DFA255ABathroom Latch, Left HandFrom £58.83
DFA256ABathroom Latch, Right HandFrom £58.83
DFA731ABathroom Mortice LockFrom £9.54
DFA732ABathroom Mortice Lock, Heavy DutyFrom £20.90
DFC257BEasi-T Contract Bathroom Lock From £1.60
DF848EBBathroom Sashlock£4.46
DF848HFlat Deadlock£4.08
DF848LBath Flat DeadlockFrom £3.52
DF8481Easi-T Bathroom SashlockFrom £8.22
DFF251ABathroom Hub £1.94
DFF262APosition Tool For Locks £11.93
DF848AEasi-T Bathroom SashlockFrom £3.20
DFZ154AZDL Spare Anti Rattle StrikeFrom £2.03
DFZ153AZDL Spare StrikeFrom £2.03
91102208Fiscal Mortice Bathroom Lock£26.30
DFC562AHeavy Duty Adjustable Roller Catch £4.75
DFC193ABathroom LockFrom £4.03
DFZ150AZDL Spare Extend Tongue, StrikeFrom £3.15
DFZ151AZDL Spare Anti Rattle StrikeFrom £3.15
DFZ152AZDL Spare StrikeFrom £2.16
DFZ044AZCS Din Lift to LockFrom £17.08
DFZ044JZLA Spare Double Strike for DIN £12.50
DFZ177AZBC Contract Bathroom LockFrom £4.13
DF848GEasi-T Tubular DeadboltFrom £3.00
91101113Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £6.01
91101160Calibre Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £32.72
91102149StarTec DIN Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £11.46
91102586Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £3.66
91103294Horizontal Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £40.30
91103357Modular Mortice Bathroom LockFrom £28.99
91103520Modular Mortice Bathroom Lock,SteelFrom £28.99
91107042Standard Mortice Bathroom Lock£27.53
91107070StarTec Mortice Bathroom LatchFrom £31.46
91122364Mortice Bathroom DeadboltFrom £16.18
91126084Mortice Hooklock Bathroom Lock SetFrom £38.99
91126159Modular Clawbolt Bathroom DoorlockFrom £28.40
91126630Bathroom Sliding Door LockFrom £30.21
DF207Budget Bathroom Lock £3.61
DHM502Bathroom LockFrom £5.18
DHM550ATubular Bathroom DeadboltFrom £4.50
DFF246HBathroom Lock £13.86
DFF376AEdge Flush, Pull Only From £3.45
DFF377ACircular Flush Pull Kit From £9.77
DFF263ASquare Flush Pull Kit From £17.42
DFF264ABathroom Sliding Door Kit From £22.65
DFF265ABathroom Sliding Door Kit From £31.37
DFC194ABolt Through Tubular LatchFrom £1.49
DFC195ATubular LatchFrom £0.78
DFC197ADelamain Heavy Sprung Tubular LatchFrom £5.82
DFC198ADead BoltFrom £5.94
DFC233AEasi-T Bathroom LockFrom £9.52
DFC247AUniversal Replacement Bath SashlockFrom £12.14
DFC252AEasi-T Contract Din Bathroom LockFrom £3.20
DFZ031AZUK Horizontal Bathroom LockFrom £14.88
DFZ044CZRD Roller DIN LatchFrom £10.40
DFZ044EZRD Roller Sash LockFrom £10.90
DFZ044GZRD Roller Bathroom LockFrom £10.90
DFZ142AZDL Bath LockFrom £8.74
DFZ149AZDL ComponentsFrom £0.32
DFZ169AZUK Bathroom LockFrom £9.26
91106169Qube Bathroom LockFrom £18.92