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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
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92626103Rising Butt Hinge£9.97
92633303Butt Hinge, Ball Bearing£4.99
92690380Security Butt Hinge£4.00
HI1201BButt Hinge, Heavy Duty£6.40
HI1252LEnduro Butt Hinge, Grade 13From £3.90
HI1252TEnduroMax Thrust Bearing Hinge£19.20
HI1329Hinge with Thrust Bearing, Single£7.66
HI1252H1Enduro Ball Bearing Butt Hinge+Bolt£5.02
HI1329ALoadmaster Hinge, Single£14.78
HIF113ABall Bearing Hinge with Screws From £9.75
HIF102ABall Bearing Hinge, Stainless SteelFrom £2.28
HIF105ABall Bearing Hinge, SteelFrom £2.02
HIF103ARadiused Ball Bearing HingeFrom £5.25
HIF101ABall Bearing Hinge, Stainless SteelFrom £3.15
92626003Rising Butt Hinge £9.97
HI1252S125Ball Bearing Butt Hinge with Screws From £3.34
HI1252X1Rebated Ball Bearing Butt Hinge £7.20
HI1252EWashered Butt Hinge £2.40
HI1252BBall Race Butt HingeFrom £2.48
HIZ1255AZHSS Ball Bearing Hinge From £3.04
HIZ1258AZHSS Dog Bolt £5.00
HI1252S125PBall Bearing Butt Hinge with Screws£10.40
HI1252H2Security Butt HingeFrom £7.73
92691480Phoenix Shrouded Butt HingeFrom £7.60
HIZ1254AZHSS Ball Bearing HingeFrom £3.60
HIZ1256AZHSS Pair & a Half HingeFrom £5.41
HIZ1257AZHSS Door Hinge, Stainless SteelFrom £2.52
HIZ1259AZHSS Ball Bearing HingeFrom £4.83
HIZ1260AZHSS Washered HingeFrom £2.43
HIZ1261AZHSS Washered HingeFrom £3.42
HIZ1262AZHSS Slim Knuckle Bearing HingeFrom £2.88
HIZ1263AZHSS Slim Knuckle Bearing HingeFrom £3.42
HIZ1264AZHS Steel Door HingeFrom £1.79
HIZ1265AZHS Steel Door HingeFrom £4.49
HI1252SLButt Hinge, Grade 7From £3.60
92109110Phoenix Slimline Conductor Hinge From £219.91
92633700Ball Bearing Butt Hinge From £5.39
92690130Butt Hinge, Ball Bearing £2.18
92691420Phoenix Slimline AntiLigature Hinge From £18.28
92691440Phoenix Slimline Twin LiftOff Hinge From £11.93
92691520Phoenix Shrouded Lift-Off Hinge From £5.43
92691540Phoenix Shrouded Lift-Off Hinge From £7.13
92691560Phoenix Shrouded Lift-Off Hinge From £7.85
92691580Phoenix Dual Bearing Butt Hinge From £12.26
92691600Phoenix Dual Bearing Butt Hinge From £12.26
92691620Phoenix Dual Bearing Butt Hinge From £14.95
98113000Phoenix Glass Door Hinge £62.97
92108168Phoenix Slimline Butt HingeFrom £13.06
92108170Phoenix Slimline Security HingeFrom £16.24
92683008104 Hurlinge Flush HingeFrom £1.77
92683052Butt Hinge, Ball BearingFrom £1.18
92683076466 Rising Butt HingeFrom £1.03
92683161Butt Hinge, Ball BearingFrom £2.05
92683190Butt Hinge, Ball BearingFrom £1.33
92690131Ball Bearing Butt HingeFrom £3.45
92690141Ball Bearing Butt HingeFrom £4.25
92691350Phoenix Slimline Butt HingeFrom £13.57
92691380Phoenix Slimline Butt HingeFrom £15.03
92691640Phoenix Traditional ProjectionHingeFrom £67.31
92696300Ball Bearing Butt HingeFrom £2.09
92697001Flush Butt HingeFrom £3.37
HI1252I1Ball Race Butt Hinge, Pack of 3From £6.14
HI1252S125PBall Bearing Butt Hinge with Screws£11.10
92108621Ball Bearing Butt Hinge From £2.84
92108140Phoenix Slimline Butt HingeFrom £11.82
HI1252Ball Bearing Butt Hinge with ScrewsFrom £3.15