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BLACK Bolts   Back to BLACK Door Furniture

Black iron door bolts, suitable for matching with black iron door handles.
90900908Kirkpatrick Door Stud£2.40
91160054Kirkpatrick Door Chain£15.29
91162716TUDOR Knob Slide Bolt, Straight£5.84
91162717TUDOR Knob Slide Bolt, Necked£7.48
DHX115ADoor Bolt, Straight£6.27
DFA295AFlush Door Bolt, Steel £19.81
DH532Antique Tower BoltFrom £2.68
DFZ120AFoxcote Curly Tail Door Bolt £1.71
DFA658AMonkeytail Bolt, Cranked Door £8.14
DFA659AMonkeytail Bolt, Cranked Door £11.79
DFA660AMonkeytail Bolt, Straight Door £8.14
DFA661AMonkeytail Bolt, Straight Door £11.79
BOF107Straight bolt£5.36
DFA667ADoor Viewer £4.35
DFA668ADoor Viewer £6.77
DHX116ADoor Bolt, StraightFrom £3.92
DHX117ADoor Bolt, StraightFrom £3.23
DHX118ADoor Bolt, NeckedFrom £4.70
DHX119ADoor Bolt, NeckedFrom £3.92
91162532Kirkpatrick Knob Slide Action Bolt£15.36
91162569Kirkpatrick Knob Slide Action Bolt£15.36
DFA283AFishtail Cranked Door Bolt, SteelFrom £20.34
DFA284AFishtail Cranked Door Bolt, SteelFrom £13.70
DFA285AFishtail Straight Door Bolt, SteelFrom £16.90
DFA286AFishtail Straight Door Bolt, SteelFrom £11.79
DFA287AStraight Knob Bolt, SteelFrom £22.93
DFA288AStraight Knob Bolt, SteelFrom £15.42
DFA289ACranked Knob Bolt, SteelFrom £23.85
DFA290ACranked Knob Bolt, SteelFrom £16.34
DFA291AFrench Door Bolt, SteelFrom £32.66
DFA292AAngled Keep, SteelFrom £3.86
DFA293AFrench Door Bolt, SteelFrom £35.60
DFA294AFlush Door Bolt, SteelFrom £40.64
DFA642AShepherd's Crook Universal BoltFrom £22.14
DFA643AShepherd's Crook Universal BoltFrom £28.31
DFA662AShepherd's Crook Universal BoltFrom £34.49
DFA663AUniversal BoltFrom £10.14
DFA664AUniversal BoltFrom £12.52
DFA669ADoor ChainFrom £20.69
DFA665ASecurity Door BoltFrom £5.66
DFA666ASecurity Star KeyFrom £3.20
DFC491ALudlow Fishtail Straight Bolt £14.40
DFC492ALudlow Fishtail Cranked Bolt £18.06
BIC151ALudlow Straight Door BoltFrom £5.44
BIC152ALudlow Cranked Door BoltFrom £5.60
DFC493ALudlow Shepherds Crook BoltFrom £10.40
DFC494ALudlow Shepherds Crook BoltFrom £11.01
DFZ121AFoxcote Plain Door BoltFrom £2.61
91181130Knob Slide Surface Bolt From £10.20
BOF107Straight bolt£4.59