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BLACK Escutcheons   Back to BLACK Door Furniture

We sell a wide range of escutcheons with and without keyhole covers, they vary in shape, size and design, offering escutcheons suitable for any door keyhole.
DFF107VEscutcheon, Euro Oval £1.22
90052963TUDOR Covered Shield Escutcheon£3.95
90056833Kirkpatrick Round Cylinder Pull£9.32
BIC112ALudlow Euro Shield Escutcheon£1.02
BIC113ALudlow Standard Oval Escutcheon£1.38
BIC114ALudlow Standard Covered Escutcheon£1.38
BIC115ALudlow Euro Escutcheon£3.73
BIC116ALudlow Fleur De Lys Escutcheon£2.38
BIC117ALudlow Shield Covered Escutcheon£3.73
BIC118ALudlow Floral Escutcheon£2.27
BIC119ALudlow Plaque Covered Escutcheon£3.73
BIC124ALudlow FleurDeLys Rim Cylinder Pull£8.13
DFF115ARectangular Escutcheon £1.87
DH559Antique Door Accessories£1.92
DHX126ACylinder Cover, Fleur de Lys£8.06
DHX127ACylinder Pull, Rounded£3.82
DHX132AEscutcheon, Covered£3.14
DHX133AEscutcheon, Fleur de Lys£2.34
DHX134AEscutcheon, Euro Profile£2.82
DHX135AEscutcheon, Rectangle£2.14
DFZ102AFoxcote Escutcheon £0.63
DFZ103AFoxcote Floral Escutcheon £0.63
DFZ104AFoxcote Fleur De Lys Escutcheon £0.63
DFZ105AFoxcote Shield Escutcheon £0.98
DFZ106AFoxcote Escutcheon £0.63
DFZ107AFoxcote Covered Escutcheon £0.99
DFZ108AFoxcote Escutcheon £0.63
DFZ109AFoxcote Escutcheon £0.98
DFZ110AFoxcote Cylinder Cover £1.44
DFZ111AFoxcote Fleur De Lys Cylinder Cover £1.98
90051353Kirkpatrick Escutcheon, Keyway£4.18
90051783Kirkpatrick Fleur De Lys Escutcheon£4.18
90051813Kirkpatrick Cover Shield Escutcheon£6.06
90051823Kirkpatrick Covered Escutcheon£5.46
90052793Kirkpatrick Escutcheon£5.34
90151150Square Escutcheon £3.83
90152150Square Escutcheon £3.83
90056853Round Cylinder Pull, Iron £5.10
DFM230AEscutcheon £2.96
DFM231AEscutcheon £2.96
DFM242ACylinder Pull £3.96
DFM252AEscutcheon, Euro Profile £2.48
DFM253AEscutcheon, Key £2.48
DFM254ACovered Escutcheon £3.71
DFF150Fleur De Lys Cylinder Cover£4.38
90056843Kirkpatrick Round Cylinder Pull£5.80
DFF289ACylinder Cover £4.38
DHF247DShield Covered Escutcheon £1.80
DFA257Euro Door Pull£11.41
DFA257AOval EscutcheonFrom £3.12
DFA258AOval Escutcheon and Cover, SteelFrom £4.29
DFA259ADiamond Escutcheon, SteelFrom £8.45
DFA260ADiamond Euro Escutcheon, SteelFrom £8.79
DFA622AOval Euro EscutcheonFrom £3.12
DFA623AAvon EscutcheonFrom £7.77
DFA624AAvon Euro EscutcheonFrom £7.77
DFA625AGothic EscutcheonFrom £3.38
DFA626AGothic Escutcheon & CoverFrom £4.12
DFC500ALudlow Escutcheon, LockFrom £3.50