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BLACK Hinges   Back to BLACK Ironmongery

Black antique door hinges are used internally on ledged and braced doors. They create an old English rustic atmosphere and are generally used with thumb latches. The 'T' part of the hinge is attached to the door frame and the strap of the hinge is fitted to the door, usually on a cross brace.

The rule of thumb is that the strap should be at least halfway to two thirds of the way across the door. Usually two hinges are sufficient, however a third hinge can be fitted for aesthetic reasons, or if the door is heavier than usual.

92682073Kirkpatrick Antique Strap HingeFrom £22.25
DFZ119AFoxcote T Door HingeFrom £9.82
BIC158ALudlow Fixed Pin HingeFrom £1.12
BIC160ALudlow Tee HingeFrom £14.77
BIC161ALudlow Sword Hinge FrontFrom £13.60
BIC162ALudlow Sword HingeFrom £15.54
HIC150ALudlow Bean T HingeFrom £15.90
HIC151ALudlow Arrow Head T HingeFrom £17.73
HIC152ALudlow Arrow Head T HingeFrom £19.81
HI1300CBLACK T HingeFrom £1.76
HIA001APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £33.58
HIA002APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £29.27
HIA003APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £26.13
HIA004APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £23.00
HIA005APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £19.11
HIA006APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £15.24
HIA007APenny End T Hinge, SteelFrom £13.21
HIA008AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £95.23
HIA009AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £72.57
HIA012AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £29.27
HIA013AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £23.00
HIA014AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £15.24
HIA015AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £13.21
HIA016AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £24.44
HIA017AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £22.71
HIA018AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £20.86
HIA019AButt Hinge, SteelFrom £4.51
HIA020AButt Hinge, SteelFrom £4.74
HIA021AButt Hinge, SteelFrom £8.57
HIA022AHinge Front, SteelFrom £26.40
HIA023AHinge Front, SteelFrom £24.85
HIA024AH Hinge, SteelFrom £22.16
HIA025AH Hinge, SteelFrom £11.27
HIA026AH Hinge, SteelFrom £11.15
HIA027AHL Hinge, SteelFrom £35.98
HIA028AHL Hinge, SteelFrom £29.44
HIA029AHL Hinge, SteelFrom £12.88
HIA030AButterfly Hinge, SteelFrom £15.72
HIA031AButterfly Hinge, SteelFrom £14.60
HIA032AButterfly Hinge, SteelFrom £15.72
HIA033AButterfly Hinge, SteelFrom £11.79
HIA036AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £32.28
HIA037AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £26.28
HIA038AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £17.59
HIA039AArrow Head T Hinge, SteelFrom £11.42
HIA040AButt Hinge, SteelFrom £5.54
HIA041AParliament Hinge, SteelFrom £34.50
HIA042AParliament Hinge, SteelFrom £42.60
HIA043AParliament Hinge, SteelFrom £56.06
92649003TUDOR Arrow Type Strap Hinge£10.46
11972300Kirkpatrick Decorative Hinge£12.68
92656023Butt Hinge, 2BB, Steel£2.06
92656033Butt Hinge, 2BB, Steel£3.32
92682103Kirkpatrick Sword Strap Hinge£57.08
DHX138ALeaf Hinge£15.86
DHX141ALeaf Hinge, Coronet£11.83
DHX142ACoronet Hinge£5.92
HIA011AArrow Head T Hinge, Steel £95.23
HIA034AShutter Hinge, Steel £17.02
HIA035AOrnate Hinge, Steel £9.51
HIA010AArrow Head T Hinge, Steel £90.98
BIC159ALudlow Hinge FrontFrom £6.75
92683090Butt Hinge, Cast Iron £0.82
92683100Butt Hinge, Cast Iron £1.08
92683110Butt Hinge, Cast Iron £1.31
92683120Butt Hinge, Cast Iron £2.13
92682099Kirkpatrick Sword Strap Hinge £62.24
92682119Kirkpatrick Sword Strap Hinge £106.12
DH530Antique Hinge Front, PairFrom £4.96
92682023Kirkpatrick Arrow Strap Hinge£48.74
92682033Kirkpatrick Arrow Strap Hinge£55.21
92682043Kirkpatrick Arrow Strap Hinge£67.48
HI1300Light T HingeFrom £4.94
DHX203AHinge £12.71
DHX204AHinge £10.58
HIZ004AFOXCOTE Butterfly Hinge £1.53
HIZ005AFOXCOTE H Cabinet Door Hinge £2.43
DFM235ADoor HingeFrom £19.78
DFM236ADecorative Door HingeFrom £9.41
DHX136ADummy Hinge, TudorFrom £7.97
DHX137ADummy Hinge, Fleur de LysFrom £7.30
DHX139AHinge, SpadeFrom £19.35
DHX140AHinge, Fleur de LysFrom £26.87
HI1206RWorking Hinge From £64.00
HI1300SWorking Hinge From £130.28
HIF117AWorking Hinge £85.11
HIF118AWorking Hinge £181.20
HIF119AWorking Hinge £200.73
HIF112AButt HingeFrom £4.06
HIZ003AFOXCOTE Hinge FrontFrom £7.55