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Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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Black Antique Door Handles are still hugely popular, whether used to replace old handles in traditional properties or black antique door furniture in newly built homes that are looking for a few authentic pieces of ironmongery.
12302-0006Distressed Knob, Cast Iron£4.14
BIC109ALudlow Mortice Knob, Ball£17.33
BIC110ALudlow Mortice Knob, Oval£17.33
BIC111ALudlow Octagonal Centre Door Knob£11.10
DH556Antique Centre Door Knob and Stud£4.48
DHX108AOval Mortice Knob on Plate£18.78
DHX109ABall Mortice Knob£14.00
DHX162ACabinet Knob, RoundFrom £1.88
DHX163ACabinet Knob, OvalFrom £2.72
DHX168ADoor Knob, Centre£11.46
DFA240ARinged Mortice/Rim Knob Set £31.19
DFA315AHammered Knob, Large, Cast Iron £6.41
DFA316AHammered Knob, Small, Cast Iron £5.37
DFA317ARibbed Cabinet Knob, Cast Iron £3.92
DFA318AOctagonal Cabinet Knob, Large £6.76
DFA319AOctagonal Cabinet Knob, Small £6.06
DFA321AOval Knob, Steel £3.89
DHF142ARim Mortice Knob, Ball Shape£8.27
DHZ144AFoxcote Oval Cupboard Knob £1.44
DHZ145AFoxcote Round Cupboard Knob £1.44
91164206Kirkpatrick Oval Knob, Mortice£30.82
DFA237ARound Mortice Rim Knob, SteelFrom £20.79
DFA238AOctagonal Mortice Rim Knob, SteelFrom £25.25
DFA239AOval Mortice Rim Knob, SteelFrom £20.79
DFA241ABun Mortice/Rim Knob SetFrom £31.19
DFA244AFlower Mortice Knob SetFrom £29.70
DFA263ADiamond Bathroom Thumbturn, SteelFrom £18.05
DFA312ABeaten Cupboard KnobFrom £6.10
DFA313ABeaten Cupboard KnobFrom £4.44
DFA314ABeaten Cupboard KnobFrom £3.31
DFA320ATwist KnobFrom £2.48
DFA322ACabinet Knob with BaseFrom £5.78
DFA324ACabinet KnobFrom £5.78
DFA608AOctagonal Mortice Rim Knob, SteelFrom £37.13
DFA609ABeehive Mortice/Rim KnobFrom £26.90
DFA610ABeehive Mortice/Rim KnobFrom £39.44
DFA629ARound Bathroom ThumbturnFrom £14.29
DFA630ARound Bathroom ThumbturnFrom £17.13
DFA707AHammered KnobFrom £5.69
DFA709AOctagonal Cabinet KnobFrom £6.42
DFA711ARibbed Cabinet KnobFrom £4.16
DFA712AOval KnobFrom £5.17
DFC499ALudlow Hammer Head Mortice Knob £26.77
DHC416ALudlow Ball Rim Knob £17.01
DHZ136AFoxcote Ball Mortice KnobFrom £8.09
DHZ137AFoxcote Oval Mortice KnobFrom £8.09
91178550KNOWLE Mortice Oval Door Knob £20.40
91178551Centre Door Knob £19.13
91164208Kirkpatrick Centre Door KnobFrom £23.84