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Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
In many new build homes and those that have been designed to modern standards, it can be difficult to put your mark on your property, turning a house into a home...
Bored with your kitchen but can't afford a complete makeover? Here are some quick and simple ways to update your kitchen from off the peg to bespoke with a few simple design and DIY tricks...

BLACK Letter Plates   Back to BLACK Door Furniture

Antique black iron letter plates with sprung flaps. The interior tidy solves the problem of unsightly apertures on the inside of a door.
DHX111ALetter PlateFrom £15.54
DFZ118AFoxcote Letter TidyFrom £6.29
BIC120ALudlow Fleur De lys Letter Plate£16.35
BIC121ALudlow Traditional Letter Plate£13.90
BIC122ALudlow Letter Tidy£14.16
BIC123ALudlow Letter Plate with Knocker£25.23
DHX110ALetter Plate with Knocker£39.42
DHX112ALetter Plate, Fleur de Lys£17.25
DHX113ALetter Plate, Fleur de Lys, Knocker£39.42
DHX114AInterior Letterflap£12.70
DFF213APVCu Telescopic Letterplate £22.24
DFF226ALetter Inner Tidy £8.24
DH552Antique Letter PlateFrom £7.18
DFZ114AFoxcote Fleur De Lys Letter Plate £9.80
DFZ115AFoxcote Postal Letter Plate £14.57
DFZ116AFoxcote Ledbury Letter Plate £9.80
DFZ117AFoxcote Traditional Letter Plate £9.80
98607603Kirkpatrick Letter Plate, Iron£38.30
98607613Kirkpatrick Letter Plate, Iron£40.02
98607623Kirkpatrick Interior Flap, Iron£24.37
DFA266AHandmade Letterplate, SteelFrom £28.63
DFA267AHandmade Letterplate Cover, SteelFrom £19.81
DFA267ECast Letterplate CoverFrom £26.64
DFA638ACast LetterplateFrom £35.45
DFA639ALetterplate Cover, SmallFrom £16.32
DFM232ALetter Plate £17.81
DFM233ALetter Plate £19.78
DFM234AInterior Letterflap From £12.38
DFA640ACast Letterplate, SmallFrom £30.52
DFA641ACast Letterplate Cover, SmallFrom £21.88
WFA047ALetterplate, Small From £25.67
98601073Letter Plate, Sprung Flap, Iron £22.96
98601083Letter Plate, Sprung Flap, Iron £25.51
98607043TUDOR Letter Plate, Sprung Flap£23.99
98601093Interior Flap, Iron £17.22
98607053TUDOR Interior Flap£15.98