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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...
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BIC126ALudlow Door Chain£12.40
BIC130ALudlow Door Stud£0.66
BIC131ALudlow Large Door Stud£0.98
BIC149ALudlow Thumb Latch Set£14.32
BIC150ALudlow Hat and Coat Hook£5.65
BIC156ALudlow Single Wardrobe Hook£4.34
BIC157ALudlow Projection Door Stop£5.60
BIC163ALudlow Suffolk Latch£22.10
BIC164ALudlow Ring Handle Gate Latch£21.23
DH531Bang in Stud£0.32
DH534Antique Suffolk LatchFrom £7.19
DH538Antique HookFrom £1.09
DHX125ADoor Chain£7.19
DHX128ADoor Stop, Wall Mounted£6.26
DHX154AGate Latch with Ring Handle£10.54
DHX155ASuffolk Latch with Handle£18.81
DHX157ACabinet Pull Handle, Drop£3.46
DHX158ACabinet Pull Handle, Ring£3.46
DHX159ACabinet Pull Handle on Plate£9.52
DHX160ACabinet Pull Handle on Plate£3.75
DHX161ACabinet Pull Handle on Plate£3.75
DHX164ACoat Hook, Plain£4.89
DHX165ACoat Hook, Fleur de Lys£3.17
DHX166ACoat Hook, Small£2.80
DHX167AHat and Coat Hook, Twist£4.89
HA4357APull Handle£4.79
HA4358APull Handle£6.96
HA4359APull Handle£5.57
HA4360APull Handle£10.72
HA4361APull Handle£1.96
HA4362APull Handle£4.90
HA4363APull Handle£3.11
HA4364APull Handle£2.23
HA4365APull Handle£1.95
DFM246AGate Handle and Latch £17.81
DFM247AGate Handle and Latch £18.79
DFM248ARing Handle and Latch £13.85
DFM255ACoat Hook £5.94
DFM256ACoat Hook £3.96
DFM257ADoor Stop £5.84
DHX201AGate Latch £19.05
DHX202AGate Latch £19.05
DFZ112AFoxcote Door StudFrom £0.45
DFZ121EFOXCOTE Door Chain £4.05
DFZ129BFOXCOTE Door Stop £1.53
DFZ210AFOXCOTE Numeral From £1.53
91164204Kirkpatrick Traditional RimLock SetFrom £193.62
DFM237ADoor Numeral, Screw FixingFrom £3.47
DFM244ADoor StudFrom £1.36
DHX131ANumerals, Thick, Screw FixingFrom £2.35
DHX131JNumerals, Thick, Screw FixingFrom £2.35
DHX148AStudFrom £0.71
DHX200ARing Handle LatchFrom £21.16
DFF287ADoor Stud £0.73
DFF288ANumeral From £2.21
DFF293ABathroom Turn & Release £7.03
DFF294AHat & Coat Hook £2.15
DFF296AHandrail Bracket £2.58
DH563Indicator Bolt£9.16
HA4366APull Handle£6.50
DFA204ABean Thumblatch, Steel £27.60
DFA206AGothic Thumblatch, Steel £29.74
DFA230AShell Drawer Pull, Cast Iron £11.84
DFA282ARaised Door Grill, Steel £49.53
DFA330ACabinet Latch, Cast Iron £13.86
DFF223ADoor Stop, Floor Mounted £2.04
DFF224ADoor Stop, Wall Mounted £1.85
DHX130ANumerals, Narrow, Screw FixingFrom £1.73
84213300WILLOW Hat and Coat Hook £3.09
84213310ACORN Hat and Coat Hook £5.16
DFZ100AFoxcote Thumb Latch £7.11
DFZ101AFoxcote Latch £5.31
DFZ125AFoxcote Coat Hook £0.71
DFZ126AFoxcote Hat & Coat Hook £1.71
DFZ127AFoxcote Double Robe Hook £2.97
DFZ128AFoxcote Hat & Coat Hook £3.32
DFZ129AFoxcote Double Hat & Coat Hook £4.05
DFA601AGothic Tuscan Thumblatch £42.84
DFA602AGothic Cast Thumblatch with Chain £11.33
DFA603AGothic Cast Suffolk Latch £13.58
DFA604AGothic Cast Suffolk Latch £22.06
DFA672ARobe Hook, Celtic Single £2.48
DFA673ARobe Hook, Celtic Double £3.18
DFA674AHat and Coat Hook, Celtic £2.56
DFA695ABack-To-Back Bolt £10.46
84399300ALDER Hat and Coat HookFrom £9.38
84399350YEW Coat HookFrom £6.62
DFA697APull Handle on Backplate £33.21
DFA698APull Handle on Backplate £35.04
DFA702AGothic Pull Handle £10.60
DFA703AFleur-De-Lys Pull Handle £5.00
91150129Kirkpatrick Espagnolette Bolt£211.85
BRA005AHandrail BracketFrom £3.00
DFA201ABean Thumblatch, SteelFrom £27.60
DFA202ABean Thumblatch, SteelFrom £28.59
DFA203ABean Thumblatch, SteelFrom £30.57
DFA205AGothic Thumblatch, SteelFrom £27.60
DFA207AScrew On Staple, Gothic EndFrom £4.50
DFA208AScrew On Staple, Penny EndFrom £4.50
DFA209AStaple Pin, SteelFrom £3.40
DFA210ALocking Staple Pin, SteelFrom £5.84
DFA211AFrame Keep Pin, SteelFrom £3.40
DFA212ACottage Latch, SteelFrom £51.35
DFA213ACottage Latch, SteelFrom £51.35
DFA214APrivacy LatchFrom £15.43
DFA215ALatch, SteelFrom £14.41
DFA216AShakespeare LatchFrom £49.62
DFA217AShakespeare Ring Turn, SteelFrom £40.47
DFA218ARing Turn Handle, SteelFrom £15.38
DFA219AGothic D Handle, SteelFrom £10.92
DFA220AGothic D Handle, SteelFrom £8.01
DFA221AGothic D Handle, SteelFrom £4.89
DFA222ABean D Handle, SteelFrom £9.01
DFA223ABean D Handle, SteelFrom £8.74
DFA224ABean D Handle, SteelFrom £6.56
DFA225AHammered D Handle, Cast IronFrom £9.69
DFA228AShell Pull Handle, Cast IronFrom £8.10
DFA231ARibbed Pull Handle, Cast IronFrom £6.69
DFA233ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £6.35
DFA234ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £6.35
DFA235ADrop HandleFrom £4.23
DFA236ACabinet HandleFrom £3.21
DFA270ARosehead NailFrom £0.34
DFA276AHandmade Nail, SteelFrom £0.42
DFA279APyramid Door Stud, SteelFrom £1.26
DFA297AGothic Hook, SteelFrom £5.81
DFA298AFleur-De-Lys Hook, SteelFrom £5.81
DFA299ACoat HookFrom £2.74
DFA300AHat and Coat HookFrom £2.92
BIC129ALudlow Numeral, Face FixFrom £2.45
DFA301AHat and Coat Hook, SteelFrom £6.63
DFA302ACup Hook, SteelFrom £2.15
DFA303ACup Hook, SteelFrom £1.92
DFA304ACup Hook, SteelFrom £1.70
DFA305AL Hook, SteelFrom £1.37
DFA329ACupboard Turn, SteelFrom £14.55
DFA605ALocking Screw On Staple, Gothic EndFrom £6.09
DFA606ALocking Screw On Staple, Penny EndFrom £6.09
DFA607AOxford Privacy LatchFrom £22.47
DFA644ANumeralFrom £2.82
DFA649ALetterFrom £2.82
DFA670ADoor Stop, ProjectionFrom £9.00
DFA671ADoor Stop, Floor MountedFrom £10.76
DFA675ACoat Rack, StableFrom £40.57
DFA676AHat and Coat Rack, FarmhouseFrom £42.33
DFA677AHat and Coat Rack,CountryFrom £41.45
DFA678ACoat Rack, CottageFrom £52.92
DFA692APull Handle, SmallFrom £21.20
DFA693APull Handle, MediumFrom £38.16
DFA694APull Handle, LargeFrom £63.60
DFA696ABeaten Ball FinialFrom £17.64
DFA699ARobe Pull Handle, LargeFrom £51.86
DFA700ARobe Pull Handle, SmallFrom £26.64
DFA701ABar Pull HandleFrom £6.95
DFA704ATwist Pull HandleFrom £10.41
DFA705ADrawer Pull Handle, PlainFrom £6.35
DFA706AFlush Pull HandleFrom £11.19
DFC495ALudlow Gothic Single Robe Hook £5.25
DFC496ALudlow Bean Single Robe Hook £5.25
84396300Kirkpatrick Hat and Coat Hook, Iron£4.68
DFC497ALudlow Hat and Coat Hook £5.89
84397300Kirkpatrick Fleur-De-Lys Coat Hook£3.34
DFC498ALudlow Robe Hook £4.64
84399310Coat Hook £5.10
93714803Door Stop, Wall Mounted £7.55
98700003Entrance Door Numeral, Iron From £4.46
DH562Robe Hook £1.27
DH562ADouble Robe Hook £1.50