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Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...
Hart Wholesale | BLUM Hinges | Blum Cover Caps

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HI70T7503NBLUM Hinge Opening Angle StopFrom £0.30
HI70T3504BLUM Cover Cap, for soft closeFrom £0.09
HI70.4503BLUM Cover Cap,£0.06
HIO704503BLUM Cover Cap,£0.10
HI707504BLUM Boss Cover Cap£0.09
HI701553BLUM Cover Cap, Curved£0.06
HI701663BLUM Cover Cap£0.08
HI707503BLUM Cover Cap£0.06
HI70T1503BLUM Cover Cap£0.06
HI70T1504BLUM Cover Cap£0.09
HI70T3553Blumotion 86° Opening Angle Stop £0.32
HI741103BLUM Opening Angle Stop 86° £0.15
HI806507BLUM Cover Cap£0.06
HI90M2503PBLUM Cover Cap£0.04
HI90M2603BLUM Cover Cap£0.06
HI94M3603BLUM Cover Cap £0.06
ZAA230NRHBLUM Cover Cap £0.07
ZAA330CBLUM Cover Cap £0.07
ZAA3500BLUM Cover Cap£0.10
ZAA3700BLUM Cover Cap £0.09
ZAA3700RBLUM Cover Cap £0.09
HI701503BLUM Cover Cap£0.06
ZAA230NLHBLUM Cover Cap£0.07

We know that our customers take great pride in the finish and standard of their products; to that end we supply a wide range of products to make your work not only practical and efficient but also beautiful.

Blum cover caps are an ideal finish for your hinges, giving them a clean and sleek finished appearance. This is ideal for minimalist contemporary styles, keeping the workings out of view beneath a neat plate. Use of Blum cover caps is also ideal for dusty areas, for example in kitchens where flour might be an issue, keeping particles out of the screws for a hygienic and neat finish.       We also offer a bespoke service of having your company name or website address printed on the cover caps, in your typeface and colour.  This is an excellent and inexpensive way to promote to promote your company for the whole life of the furniture you have produced, no matter how many owners.

We also offer the very useful Blum opening angle stop, which can be used with wide angled hinges to reduce the opening angle and prevent the door of your cabinet or cupboard from slamming into adjacent fixtures and fittings, thus preventing damage. This makes it even easier for you to find exactly the right hinge for any cabinet or cupboard, even in the most oddly shaped room.

Here at Hart Wholesale, we aim to ensure that you can always find everything you need for all your projects, with everything offered at excellent wholesale prices to keep your overheads low. From tools to fittings and fixtures, from parts to packaging, we aim to be the one-stop shop for the hardware and manufacturing trade.

For further information on our Blum cover caps, Blum hinges, the Blum opening angle stop and other products, you can get in touch with our helpful and friendly team on 01702 614044. We'll be happy to discuss available products with you, and if you have a particular item in mind which isn't shown on our site we can often source products on request from our comprehensive supplier list.