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Every kitchen needs cabinets, but not every cabinet opens as effectively as we would like; perhaps there’s a cupboard which opens the wrong way, a door which swings shut when you want it to stay open, or that one corner unit that houses all the junk that no-one needs because it’s impossible to get into to...
  There are few things more aggravating than the constant slamming of cabinets and doors, but your home shouldn’t be a stressful atmosphere...
For a room that screams peaceful atmosphere, almost everyone will look towards perfecting their bedroom, whilst some will think of their study and a lucky few will think of a personal library...
Hart Wholesale | BLUM Drilling Machines | BLUM Minipress-Pro 2000

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PRO-CENTER: Multi purpose

PRO-CENTER is the most capable among our drilling and insertion machines. PRO-CENTER can be used for all vertical and horizontal drillings. You can also insert fittings vertically. An extensive construction system (set-up plans, drilling heads and rulers) ensures that the proven PRO-CENTER will meet individual assembly requirements.

  • Vertical drilling and component insertion
  • Quick change of drilling heads already equipped with drill bits and insertion rams
  • Fast changeover of dedicated rulers with pre-set stops
  • Drilling depth and drilling distance settings through revolving stops

M652000BLUM Pro Center 2000, Three Phase£5499.44
M652050BLUM Pro Center 2000, Single Phase£5510.94
MZA2600BLUM Drill Head & Ruler Storage£227.50
MZK2000BLUM Hinge Drilling Head£321.19
MZK2100BLUM Mounting Plate£287.75
MZK2110BLUM Mounting Plate£338.56
MZK220001BLUM Drill Head, Horizontal£468.38
MZK2400BLUM Dowel Holes Gearbox£232.88
MZK281001BLUM Drill Head, Parallel£615.50
MZK2880BLUM Drill Head,Parallel+Horizontal£1739.44
MZL2000BLUM Standard Ruler£70.31
MZL2060BLUM Ruler, Vertical & Horizontal£107.06
MZL2080BLUM Two Piece Ruler£100.44