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The MINIPRESS M from Blum is a compact tool that is flexible enough to be used on-site or in the workshop. MINIPRESS M does not require pressurised air or strong power supply, but can be operated using just lighting current.

  • Vertical drilling and fittings insertion
  • Manual feed for drilling and insertion


MINIPRESS P is a specialised machine for drilling hinges. Once it’s set, it carries out routine work with precision and efficiency. A pneumatic feed for drilling and insertion as well as a spindle for the drilling distance setting makes working with MINIPRESS P safe and precise.

  • Vertical drilling and component insertion
  • Drilling distance settings using spindle
  • Pneumatic feed


MO1ZB02D2BLUM Pro Drill BitFrom £34.34
JIG1016BLUM Clamping Lever Handle kit£10.07
JIG1020BLUM Minipress Drilling Head£196.27
M01ZZ03BLUM Centre Bit£14.37
M01ZZB3BLUM Centre Bit£3.15
M30.1304BLUM Minipress Drill Depth Stop£2.43
M301316BLUM Front Guide Protection£5.60
M51P0303BLUM Minipress Locking Device£1.87
MO1ZB02BLUM PRO-CENTER Drill Bit£25.97
MO1ZB35BLUM PRO-CENTER Drill Bit£27.17
MZM.0040BLUM Universal Insertion Ram£33.92
MZM0050BLUM Horizontal Cam Insertion Ram£22.23
MZV2100BLUM Minipress Ruler Supports £15.84
JIG1011BLUM ECODRILL Tool Set£10.60
M01ZB0502BLUM Drill Bit £15.62
M01ZB0503BLUM Drill Bit £15.62
M01ZB0803BLUM Motion Drill Bit £11.92
M01ZB2502BLUM Drill Bit £38.08
M01ZB3502BLUM Motion Drill Bit £27.17
M521050MBLUM Minipress M, Single Press £812.61
M53105001BLUM Minipress P, Single Press £1988.62
MZF100001BLUM Quick Connect Chuck Set £243.80
MZF1030BLUM Additional Collets £13.26
MZK190SBLUM Line Drill head £756.46
MZK880SBLUM Drill Head £687.94
MZM006101BLUM Insertion Ram £69.66
MZM0070BLUM Insertion Ram £23.84
MZA5200BLUM Minipress M£34.67
MZL250BLUM Minipress P Extension Ruler £27.66
M01.ZB10.02BLUM Motion Drill BitFrom £12.33
MZK1120BLUM Mini Press mzk 1900/8800£6.16
MZL1250BLUM Minipress P£27.66
MZS2000LBLUM Minipress Narrow Swivel StopFrom £4.03