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Our range of brass knobs are suitable for use with mortice locks and latches - the type that is cut into the edge of a door. The depth of your mortice locks or latches is important when being used with door knobs.
DH466Rim Knob SetFrom £14.88
DHM144AVictoria Mortice KnobFrom £19.34
DHM147AVictoria Rim KnobFrom £16.72
DHM148ASuffolk Rim KnobFrom £18.31
DHM149AReeded Rim KnobFrom £21.62
DHM151ASuffolk Mortice Knob on RoundFrom £21.13
DHM153ARichmond Mortice KnobFrom £23.42
DHM154AReeded Mortice KnobFrom £22.38
DHM156AAylesbury Mortice KnobFrom £23.42
DHM156FChelsea Mortice KnobFrom £36.00
DHM157AGoodrich Mortice KnobFrom £20.21
DHM158ACharlston Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £46.85
DHM159ABroadway Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £24.84
DHM159DBroadway Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £24.84
DHM159GBroadway Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £28.04
DHM159JBroadway Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £28.04
DHM349BBalmoral Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £30.87
DHM350Whitehall Mortice KnobFrom £32.92
DHM352Hampstead Mortice KnobFrom £30.87
DHM397AWestminster Mortice KnobFrom £22.46
DHM398AMayfair Mortice KnobFrom £25.06
DHM399AKensington Mortice KnobFrom £22.90
DHM404ASuffolk Mortice KnobFrom £18.31
DHM406AVictoria Mortice KnobFrom £16.72
DHM408AReeded Mortice KnobFrom £21.62
DHM410AGoodrich Mortice KnobFrom £21.62
DHM411ARichmond Mortice KnobFrom £23.42
DHM412AAylesbury Mortice KnobFrom £23.42
DHM415ABroadway Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £33.02
DH339Lined Mushroom Mortice KnobFrom £37.37
DHF136ABall Shape Mortice KnobFrom £17.33
DHF137AMushroom Mortice KnobFrom £14.23
DHF138AContract Mushroom Mortice KnobFrom £7.87
DHF139AContract Oval Mortice KnobFrom £10.34
DHF241ACoronet Mortice KnobFrom £22.24
DHF242ARonson Mortice KnobFrom £23.05
DHF243ACrown Mortice KnobFrom £22.24
90070152Victorian Mortice Bun Knob, BrassFrom £21.52
90070701Rim Knob Set, BrassFrom £18.31
90070801Traditional Bun Knob, BrassFrom £90.37
90070810Traditional Bun Knob, BrassFrom £101.36
90070850Traditional Ball Knob, BrassFrom £92.81
90070890Traditional Oval Knob, BrassFrom £92.81
90159027WC Emergency Release and TurnFrom £53.67
90170181Mortice Mushroom KnobFrom £8.48
90170191Mortice Oval KnobFrom £10.26
90170201Rim Mushroom KnobFrom £9.98
91178031Oval Knob 9154From £101.36
91178034Domed Knob 9155From £109.91
DHZ072BFulton & Bray Queen Anne Knob From £20.47
DHZ170AZCB Oval Mortice Knob, Sprung From £11.24
DHZ171AZCB Mushroom Mortice Knob, Sprung From £10.35
DFZ013AFulton & Bray Oval Thumb TurnFrom £2.65
DHZ060AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ061AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ062AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ064AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £20.57
DHZ065AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £31.78
DHZ066AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £24.30
DHZ067AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ068AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ069AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ070AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £19.64
DHZ071AFulton & Bray Mortice KnobFrom £23.46
DHM143AVictoria Mortice Knob on Plate From £19.17
DHM145AEgg and Dart Mortice Knob on Plate From £31.41
DHM146AEgg and Dart Mortice KnobFrom £17.39
DHM150ASuffolk Mortice Knob on OvalFrom £18.22
DHM152ARibbon and Reed Mortice KnobFrom £18.22
DH408Georgian Round Mortice Knob£8.00
DH408AGeorgian Round Mortice Knob£17.09
DH409Georgian Square Back Mortice Knob£5.76
DHC329ADelamain Mortice Knob, Wooden£30.19
DHC330ADelamain Mortice Knob, Wooden£30.19
DHC334ADelamain Mortice Knob, Sausage/Pea£32.89
DHC335ADelamain Mortice Knob, Beaded£29.32
DFA243AFlower Mortice Knob Set £29.99
DH284Delamain Mortice Knob, BeadedFrom £25.97
DHM143DVictoria Mortice Knob on Plate From £19.17
DHM145DEgg and Dart Mortice Knob on Plate From £31.41
DHM145GEgg and Dart Mortice Knob on Plate From £34.61
DHM145JEgg and Dart Mortice Knob on Plate From £34.61
DHM138GGeorgian Mortice Knob £12.09
DHM143HVictoria Mortice Knob on PlateFrom £22.05
DH336Mortice Knob, Square rose £77.57
90070192Traditional Plain Door Knob, Brass£33.92
DHM155AAydon Mortice Knob From £19.87
DHZ072AFulton & Bray Mortice Knob £24.18
DH450PVictorian Mortice KnobFrom £28.73
DH434Georgian Knob on PlateFrom £7.20
DHC326ADelamain Mortice Knob, PlainFrom £23.45
DHC343AGeorgian Mortice Knob on BackplateFrom £15.57
DFA242AMushroom Mortice/Rim Knob SetFrom £15.42
DFA611AOval Mortice/Rim KnobFrom £22.01
DFA612APrestbury Mortice/Rim KnobFrom £42.40
DFA613APrestbury Mortice/Rim KnobFrom £62.75
DFA614ATewkesbury Square Mortice KnobFrom £44.10
DFA615AElmore Concealed Mortice KnobFrom £50.88
DFA616ABrockworth Mortice KnobFrom £44.10
DFA617ABall Mortice KnobFrom £22.01
DH334Queen Anne Mortice KnobFrom £17.46
DH450Mortice Knob, MushroomFrom £14.08
DH450UMortice Rim KnobFrom £13.15
DH521EDelamain Mortice Knob, ReededFrom £41.09
DHC325ADelamain Mortice Knob, PlainFrom £32.98
DHC327ADelamain Mortice Knob, FlowerFrom £37.65
DHC328ADelamain Mortice Knob, RingedFrom £41.86
DHC338AIce Mortice Knob, LargeFrom £62.54
90070192Traditional Plain Door Knob, Brass £30.92
90070178Traditional Beaded Door Knob, Brass£42.74
90070162Queen Anne Reeded Door Knob, BrassFrom £24.25
DHC339AMortice Knob, OvalFrom £37.68
DHC340AMortice Knob, MushroomFrom £38.75
DHC341AMortice Knob, BallFrom £16.67
DHC342AMortice Knob, OvalFrom £16.69
DHC371AMortice Knob, Mushroom From £21.52