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When it comes to designing a show home, it can be tempting to go with appearance over functionality...
Aventos lift systems provide an absolutely effortless way to open and close kitchen cabinets, as they open upwards no matter how heavy the cupboard door happens to be...
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a fundamental component of health and safety for any building environment...

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HAC177FVictorian Cup HandleFrom £7.92
HA1005D Handle, Face Fit, Die CastFrom £36.95
HA1011Victorian Cup Pull HandleFrom £24.32
HA3084BTempo Eye S Handle£1.90
HA3329D Handle, Square Ends, Curved£1.82
HA3330D Handle, Round Inner GripFrom £1.87
HA4353APull Handle£1.66
HA4354APull Handle£5.00
HA4355APull Handle£3.36
HA4356APull Handle£3.53
HAC108APrism Triangular D Handle£7.63
HA3033Oval Tube D Handle, AluminiumFrom £2.22
16121732QUADRILLE Pull Handle £62.41
16121742OBLIQUE Pull Handle £49.93
HAC111AAurora Curved D HandleFrom £6.45
HA3313Splayed End Grip HandleFrom £3.52
HAC157APointed Grip Pull HandleFrom £2.16
11635744BURBRIDGE Pull Handle, BrassFrom £4.25
HAM104ADrawer Pull Handle, ShellFrom £3.31
HAZ005ATDF Cabinet Pull Handle From £5.51
HAZ006ATDF Cupped Cabinet Pull Handle From £5.94
11635145BURBRIDGE Pull Handle, BrassFrom £6.16
HAM105ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £3.78
HAM117ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £4.54
HAM144ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £8.64
HAM145ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £10.37
HAM147ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £6.91
HAM148ADrawer Pull HandleFrom £6.91
HAM149ACabinet Pull HandleFrom £9.50
HAM153ACabinet Pull HandleFrom £8.64
HAM157ACabinet Pull Handle, PyramidFrom £8.64
HAM163BCabinet Pull HandleFrom £8.23
HAM169ACabinet Pull HandleFrom £5.36
HAM179ACabinet Pull HandleFrom £4.54
HAM187ADurham Pull HandleFrom £5.01
HAF128Ritto Cabinet Handle From £15.47
HAF205ACabinet Drawer Pull Handle From £2.34
HAF220ANarvi Cabinet Handle From £5.11
HAF221AQuadra Cabinet Handle From £2.56
HAF222APolaris Cabinet Handle From £3.82
HAF223ATwist Cabinet Handle From £2.41
HAF224ADynasty Cabinet Handle From £3.94
HAF225APonte Cabinet Handle From £1.53
HAF226ARiga Cabinet Handle £4.08
HAF227AArco Cabinet Handle From £3.40
HAF228AAltura Cabinet Handle £2.41
HAF229ALiscio Cabinet Handle From £1.73
HAF230AScudo Cabinet Handle From £1.57
HAC109ATapered End Pull HandleFrom £4.26
HAC110AVenturi D HandleFrom £2.66
HAC289ACup Pull HandleFrom £1.49
HAC507ACottage Cup Pull HandleFrom £1.30
HAC508AOxford Cup Pull HandleFrom £1.47