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23009900Budget Rim Lock, Light Duty, SteelFrom £3.02
23499240Econo Central Locking Rotary LockFrom £4.41
DFF128ABudget Mortice Lock with Key£3.61
23016930Budget Lock Escutcheon, Steel£2.32
91161095Budget Lock Escutcheon£12.63
91699013Building Site Key, Zinc Diecast£14.17
97015609Captive Key Mortice Budget Lock£47.49
97015920Captive Key, Steel£22.53
DFF260AStandard Stile Budget Nightlatch £11.07
DF441Hinged Escutcheon plate £7.31
DF415ERA Rim Budget LockFrom £1.50
DF506ERA Security Bolt KeyFrom £1.43
23016936Budget Lock Ferrule Escutcheon £5.55
23016937Budget Lock Ferrule Escutcheon £5.26
23320210Econo Glass Door Deadbolt Lock £3.24
23320220Econo Glass Sliding Door Lock £2.30
23499261Econo Central Locking Rotary Lock £2.22
23519200Econo Cam Lock with Hook Cam £2.62
23519211Econo Cam Lock with Straight Cam £2.70
23768600Econo Central Locking Rotary Lock £4.40
23016935Budget Lock Ferrule Escutcheon £1.72
DF415JBudget Rim Lock £2.32
DF501JBudget T Bar Key £1.40
DFF332AKontrax Bathroom Lock From £3.78
DFF335AKontrax 3 Lever Sashlock From £4.34
DFF364ABudget Rim Lock with Key £2.53
DFF365ABudget Lock Escutcheon £0.73
DFF366ABudget Lock Key £1.40
DFF367ABudget Lock Strike Plate £0.94
DFF371AFire Brigade Lock From £0.61
DFF372AFire Brigade Rim Conversion Kit £4.97
DFF373AFire Brigade Rebate Kit £3.05
DFF374AFire Brigade FB4 Slamlock From £0.61
DFF375AFire Brigade Drop Key £6.80
DFF126AKontrax Box Deadbolt From £3.98

Protect your building projects, household or office using one of our budget locks. These locks do a great job in preventing unauthorized personel from gaining access to rooms without permission. A must have for any modern home or business owner.