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Cabinet Bow   Back to Cabinet Long Handles

10106600SABINE Bow Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £0.82
10108600MANILIA Bow Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.07
10151202BAILEY Bow Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.15
10203601ELMER Bow HandleFrom £1.07
10233205OCTAVIA Lightweight Bow HandleFrom £0.99
10234251DARIA Bow HandleFrom £3.73
10330005AUGUSTA Bow Handle with BackplateFrom £1.80
10643201Bow Handle, SteelFrom £2.08
10643301INDIGO Bow Handle, SteelFrom £2.04
10643401Bow Handle, SteelFrom £2.14
10643601Bow Handle, SteelFrom £2.19
10643801Bow Handle, SteelFrom £2.94
10675203JACKSON Bow HandleFrom £1.37
10772602LEWIS Bow HandleFrom £2.27
10889043CHISWICK Bow HandleFrom £4.19
10889116HENLEY Pull HandleFrom £4.99
10891206Bow HandleFrom £12.09
10929202QUIGLEY Bow HandleFrom £1.13
10953216SAFFRON Bow Handle, Aluminium£1.22
10953226TAVISTOCK Bow Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.85
10953635FLORENCE Bow Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.34
11020235D Handle, AluminiumFrom £7.43
11035380AUGUSTA Knob with BackplateFrom £0.64
11185023HARRINGTON D Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £2.05
11382015MELBURY Bow Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.86
11731021CLIFTON Bow Handle, SteelFrom £0.70
11731222Bow Handle, SteelFrom £0.85
11731421CEDAR Bow Handle, SteelFrom £0.86
11731631Bow Handle, SteelFrom £0.97
11868004AUGUSTA Cup HandleFrom £1.96
90101576Bow Handle, BrassFrom £2.61
HAC151BBow Handle, Stainless Steel From £2.91
10215601Bow Handle£0.28
10438601Bow Handle£1.42
10507501Furniture Bow Handle, Zinc Alloy£2.58
10718603Bow Handle£1.44
10926252Furniture Bow Handle, Zinc Alloy£4.83
11778206Lifestyle Bow Handle, Zinc Alloy£1.68
90509501Bow Handle£1.20
DH475Victorian Bow Handle£1.84
DH517Bow Handle£1.30
DH517BBow Handle, Die CastFrom £17.28
HA1114Bow Handle£5.30
HA2003Bow Handle, Flat Top£1.97
HA3280AStepped Bow Handle£2.47
HA3324Rainbow D Handle£1.71
HA3362Capricorn Bow Handle£2.21
HA3900Trafalgar Bow Handle£3.93
HA74006Bow Handle, Pear Insert£4.78
HAC116AOmega Profile Pull Handle£2.89
HAC124ASolo Pull Handle£1.50
HAC136AStirrup D Handle£3.43
H556160Bow Handle£9.46
10289620Bow Handle £4.73
10913603Bow Handle £6.30
HAC119BCyclops Bow Handle £6.57
10577603Bow Handle £9.40
HA3193Square Punched Bow handleFrom £1.13
HAC148AWire Pattern Bow HandleFrom £3.04
HAC141BCirrus Bow Handle £3.86
11382219MELBURY Bow Handle £3.40
10877053Bow Handle£4.89
HAC112AAngled End Bow HandleFrom £3.23
HAC147AQuadra Bow HandleFrom £1.80
10235034CICERO Bow Handle£9.05
DHF356ABow Pull HandleFrom £2.81
HAC115ACurva Bow HandleFrom £1.97
HAC143AFlat Bow Handle, Radiused EndFrom £1.90
HAC144APlatypus Bow HandleFrom £3.01
HAC146AWaisted Flat Bow HandleFrom £1.34
HAC150ABow HandleFrom £0.83
HAC156AConcave Bow HandleFrom £1.79
HAC285AValetta Bow HandleFrom £2.83
DHZ090AZAB Victorian Bow HandleFrom £3.04
HAC153ACurved Convex Grip Handle£2.24
10465-0007D Handle, Aluminium£5.31
HAC287BSaro Bow Handle£2.70
HAC154BTwisted Bow Handle £1.87
HAC353ASteelworx Curved Pull HandleFrom £2.97
HAC152AWaisted Bow HandleFrom £1.31
HAC160BArcovale Pull Handle£2.16
HAC162ACurved Pull Handle with Oval FeetFrom £1.76
HAC287BSaro Bow Handle£3.49
HA1200Organic Matilo Bow Handle, Zinc£3.32

Ou selection of bow cabinet handles for your furniture units can have a positive effect on how the layout of a room is perceived. We stock products in various finishes including: brass, zinc alloy, aluminium and plastic and offer a range of brilliant styles such as victorian, traditional, and D handles.