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Typically used for decorative purposes, veneer is usually a thin sheet of wood that can help to transform surfaces such as flooring...
LED tape is an incredibly simple but effective way to bring more light into your home...
A mortice lock is fitted inside the door itself and can be used on doors of different materials...

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HA4165APull HandleFrom £8.40
HAM142ACabinet Drop Handle From £7.20
HAM143ACabinet Drop Handle From £7.98
11022243DISCO Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£6.91
11196240OIL Knob, Zinc Alloy£5.10
12308260CORBUSIER Knob, Zinc Alloy£2.96
HA1001ASlim Eva Pull Handle£0.48
HA4001APull HandleFrom £4.16
HA4006APull Handle£7.63
HA4007APull HandleFrom £7.20
HA4008APull HandleFrom £7.20
HA4010APull HandleFrom £3.60
HA4011APull HandleFrom £3.60
HA4012APull Handle£8.80
HA4013APull Handle£4.66
HA4014APull Handle£10.18
HA4015APull HandleFrom £7.36
HA4016APull Handle£2.27
HA4017APull HandleFrom £5.48
HA4018APull HandleFrom £3.03
HA4019APull HandleFrom £5.33
HA4020APull HandleFrom £4.76
HA4021APull Handle£5.74
HA4022APull Handle£9.46
HA4025APull Handle£5.82
HA4027APull Handle£6.57
HA4028APull Handle£4.89
HA4030APull HandleFrom £7.34
HA4031APull HandleFrom £7.47
HA4032APull Handle£5.94
HA4033APull HandleFrom £8.24
HA4035APull Handle£6.02
HA4036APull HandleFrom £8.14
HA4037APull Handle£5.53
HA4038APull Handle£11.10
HA4039APull Handle£12.57
HA4040APull Handle£4.84
HA4042APull Handle£10.00
HA4044APull Handle£9.72
HA4045APull HandleFrom £5.04
HA4049APull Handle£4.07
HA4050APull Handle£2.90
HA4051APull Handle£4.71
HA4052APull Handle£9.97
HA4053APull Handle£8.10
HA4054APull Handle£4.26
HA4056APull Handle£8.95
HA4057APull Handle£3.95
HA4058APull Handle£6.38
HA4059APull Handle£5.96
HA4060APull Handle£5.78
HA4061APull Handle£8.34
HA4064APull Handle£5.90
HA4065APull Handle£9.70
HA4067APull Handle£3.21
HA4070APull Handle£4.74
HA4071APull HandleFrom £1.87
HA4072APull HandleFrom £2.02
HA4073APull Handle£6.51
HA4074APull Handle£5.70
HA4077APull Handle£5.96
HA4078APull Handle£6.30
HA4079APull Handle£5.35
HA4080APull HandleFrom £6.51
HA4082APull Handle£8.23
HA4084APull Handle£5.48
HA4086APull Handle£7.07
HA4087APull HandleFrom £5.57
HA4088APull Handle£5.66
HA4089APull Handle£4.41
HA4091APull HandleFrom £5.87
HA4095APull HandleFrom £5.06
HA4097APull Handle£6.35
HA4098APull Handle£15.84
HA4099APull HandleFrom £12.45
HA4100APull Handle£5.77
11097-0005Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£7.37
11097-0006Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£5.51
15117-0001Inset Handle, Zinc Alloy£4.28
15133-0093Flush Handle£4.47
11144213BLOOMSBURY Cup Handle, Zinc Alloy £5.38
DHF281ACristallo Cabinet Handle From £17.85
DHF282AChameleon 1 Cabinet Handle From £4.49
DHF283AChameleon 2 Cabinet Handle From £4.49
HA4075APull HandleFrom £4.11
HA4004APull HandleFrom £5.02
HA4048APull HandleFrom £4.92
HA4062APull HandleFrom £4.29
HA4066APull HandleFrom £6.35
11034218GALATEA Handle, Zinc Alloy £3.11
11034309CASA MILA Handle, Zinc Alloy From £2.22
11034351HARPA Handle, Zinc Alloy From £3.23
11035219PRADO Knob From £2.96
11035277ALMAS Handle, Zinc Alloy £4.96
11035372MENARA Knob From £0.90
11046084CUTT Pull HandleFrom £5.84
HAC158BCircle Design Curved Pull HandleFrom £2.21
10761000Edge PullFrom £9.76
12308783WELLINGTON D Handle, Zinc Alloy £7.12
HA4029APull HandleFrom £8.14
HA4081APull HandleFrom £3.16
HA4096APull HandleFrom £5.48
HA4101APull HandleFrom £3.21
HA4144APull HandleFrom £5.42
HA4155APull HandleFrom £4.89
HA4000APull Handle £33.15
HAC117CEpsilon Pull HandleFrom £4.12
HAC118ASki Curved Pull HandleFrom £4.67
HAC123ANeon Sculptured Bow HandleFrom £9.21
HAC137AWhale Tail Pull HandleFrom £4.27
HAC142ACrinkle Pull HandleFrom £1.88