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Aluminium is ubiquitous in our daily lives; it’s used for so many cool things, and in this blog we’re going to be exalting its qualities...
Ventilation systems are designed to provide enough air to protect workers in an industrial environment or homeowners from exposure to contaminants...
Upcycling your furniture can be a rewarding job, but more than that, it can quickly turn into an enjoyable hobby, or even a career...

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10761000Edge PullFrom £10.81
11035219PRADO Knob£3.05
11046084CUTT Pull HandleFrom £6.46
13328201BLOOMSBURY Knob, Zinc Alloy£1.42
HA4153APull HandleFrom £4.98
11022243DISCO Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£7.64
11196240OIL Knob, Zinc Alloy£5.25
12308260CORBUSIER Knob, Zinc Alloy£3.27
HA1001ASlim Eva Pull Handle£0.48
HA4001APull HandleFrom £4.16
HA4006APull Handle£7.63
HA4007APull HandleFrom £7.20
HA4008APull HandleFrom £7.20
HA4010APull HandleFrom £3.60
HA4011APull HandleFrom £3.60
HA4012APull Handle£8.80
HA4013APull Handle£4.66
HA4014APull Handle£10.18
HA4015APull HandleFrom £7.36
HA4016APull Handle£2.27
HA4017APull HandleFrom £5.48
HA4018APull HandleFrom £3.03
HA4019APull HandleFrom £5.33
HA4020APull HandleFrom £4.76
11034353HARPA Handle, Zinc Alloy £3.34
12308783WELLINGTON D Handle, Zinc Alloy£7.32
11034709CASA MILA Handle, Zinc Alloy £2.34
HA4021APull Handle£5.74
HA4022APull Handle£9.46
HA4025APull Handle£5.82
HA4027APull Handle£6.57
HA4028APull Handle£4.89
HA4031APull HandleFrom £7.47
HA4032APull Handle£5.94
HA4033APull HandleFrom £8.24
HA4035APull Handle£6.02
HA4036APull HandleFrom £8.14
HA4037APull Handle£5.53
HA4038APull Handle£11.10
HA4039APull Handle£12.57
HA4040APull Handle£4.84
HA4042APull Handle£10.00
HA4044APull Handle£9.72
HA4045APull HandleFrom £5.04
HA4049APull Handle£4.07
HA4050APull Handle£2.90
HA4051APull Handle£4.71
HA4052APull Handle£9.97
HA4053APull Handle£8.10
HA4054APull Handle£4.26
HA4056APull Handle£8.95
HA4057APull Handle£3.95
HA4058APull Handle£6.38
HA4059APull Handle£5.96
HA4060APull Handle£5.78
HA4061APull Handle£8.34
HA4064APull Handle£5.90
HA4065APull Handle£9.70
HA4067APull Handle£3.21
HA4070APull Handle£4.74
HA4071APull HandleFrom £1.87
HA4072APull HandleFrom £2.02
HA4073APull Handle£6.51
HA4074APull Handle£5.70
HA4077APull Handle£5.96
HA4078APull Handle£6.30
HA4079APull Handle£5.35
HA4080APull HandleFrom £6.51
HA4082APull Handle£8.23
HA4084APull Handle£5.48
HA4086APull Handle£7.07
HA4087APull HandleFrom £5.57
HA4088APull Handle£5.66
HA4089APull Handle£4.41
HA4091APull HandleFrom £5.87
HA4095APull HandleFrom £5.06
HA4097APull Handle£6.35
HA4098APull Handle£15.84
HA4099APull HandleFrom £12.45
HA4100APull Handle£5.77
15117-0001Inset Handle, Zinc Alloy£4.40
15133-0093Flush Handle£1.44
11144213BLOOMSBURY Cup Handle, Zinc Alloy £5.53
HA4075APull HandleFrom £4.11
HA4004APull HandleFrom £5.02
HA4048APull HandleFrom £4.92
HA4062APull HandleFrom £4.29
HA4066APull HandleFrom £6.35
HAC158BCircle Design Curved Pull HandleFrom £2.34
HA4029APull HandleFrom £8.14
HA4165APull HandleFrom £8.40
HAM142ACabinet Drop HandleFrom £7.78
HAM143ACabinet Drop HandleFrom £8.62
DHF282AChameleon 1 Cabinet HandleFrom £5.53
DHF283AChameleon 2 Cabinet HandleFrom £5.53
HAC138AL Section Pull HandleFrom £3.57
HAC139AInfinity Pull HandleFrom £3.07
HAC140AChunky Arched Grip Pull HandleFrom £2.42
HAC145AShoe Tree Pull HandleFrom £2.64
HAC176AHidden Finger Pull HandleFrom £1.82
HAC284ASolano Pull HandleFrom £4.26
HAC523AArt Deco HandleFrom £11.07
HAC524AMorini Pull HandleFrom £6.02
HAC525ASalassi HandleFrom £6.83
HAC528ALeuci Pull HandleFrom £5.90
HAC529ABelli Pull HandleFrom £6.62
HAC530ADarini Pull HandleFrom £4.80
HAC533ATreveri Pull HandleFrom £8.43
HAC534ATaurini Pull HandleFrom £6.96
HAC536ARuteni Pull HandleFrom £8.50
HA4081APull HandleFrom £3.16
HA4096APull HandleFrom £5.48
HA4101APull HandleFrom £3.21
HAC537ACotini Pull HandleFrom £6.72
HA4144APull HandleFrom £5.42
HA4155APull HandleFrom £4.89
HA4000APull Handle £33.15
HAC117CEpsilon Pull HandleFrom £4.12
HAC118ASki Curved Pull HandleFrom £4.67
HAC137AWhale Tail Pull HandleFrom £4.27
HAC142ACrinkle Pull HandleFrom £1.88
15147663HIDE Inset Handle £3.57
HA4002APull HandleFrom £7.85
HA4003APull Handle£7.85
HA4005APull HandleFrom £6.72
HA4009APull HandleFrom £7.03
HA4023APull HandleFrom £7.07
HA4024APull HandleFrom £2.12
HA4026APull HandleFrom £3.90
HA4034APull HandleFrom £5.22
HA4041APull HandleFrom £7.42
HA4043APull HandleFrom £8.76
HA4046APull HandleFrom £3.87
HA4047APull HandleFrom £4.72
HA4055APull HandleFrom £8.11
HA4063APull HandleFrom £9.41
HA4069APull HandleFrom £6.00
HA4076APull HandleFrom £18.63
HA4083APull HandleFrom £4.94
HA4085APull HandleFrom £9.31
HA4090APull HandleFrom £6.99
HA4092APull HandleFrom £5.69
HA4093APull HandleFrom £10.01
HA4094APull HandleFrom £5.64
HA4104APull HandleFrom £4.90
HA4147APull HandleFrom £5.64
HA4149APull HandleFrom £5.96
HA4164APull HandleFrom £8.21
HA4167APull HandleFrom £8.36
HA5030APull HandleFrom £6.08
HA5039APull HandleFrom £6.08
HA5051APull HandleFrom £7.08
HA5060APull HandleFrom £5.12
HA5061APull HandleFrom £5.12
HA4068APull HandleFrom £4.38
HAC159ADimple Effect Curved Pull HandleFrom £1.33
HAC173AContemporary Cup Pull HandleFrom £0.37
HA4102APull HandleFrom £3.17
HA4103APull Handle£5.14
HA4105APull Handle£5.14
HA4107APull Handle£5.80
HA4108APull Handle£3.22
HA4109APull Handle£2.67
HA4110APull Handle£2.24
HA4111APull Handle£4.28
HA4112APull Handle£3.71
HA4113APull Handle£3.66
HA4114APull Handle£5.80
HA4115APull Handle£2.86
11121306ZIPPY D Handle, Knitted £16.31
HA4116APull Handle£3.24
HA4000Pull Handle £72.01
HA4117APull Handle£3.22
HA4118APull Handle£7.65
HA4119APull Handle£3.53
HA4120APull Handle£4.54
HA4121APull Handle£4.04
HA4122APull HandleFrom £3.30
HA4124APull Handle£8.31
HA4131APull Handle£1.99
HA4132APull HandleFrom £2.29
HA4133APull Handle£3.19
HA4134APull Handle£8.57
HA4135APull Handle£5.22
HA4136APull Handle£5.77
HA4137APull Handle£3.41
HA4138APull Handle£5.14
HA4139APull HandleFrom £1.84
HA4106APull Handle£2.89
HA4140APull Handle£5.73
HA4141APull Handle£4.25
HA4142APull Handle£3.30
HA4143APull Handle£6.03
HA4145APull Handle£3.26
HA4148APull Handle£6.83
HA4150APull HandleFrom £5.18
HA4151APull Handle£5.90
HA4152APull Handle£6.79
HA4154APull HandleFrom £2.61
HA4156APull Handle£4.24
HA4157APull Handle£3.91
HA4158APull Handle£5.17
HA4159APull Handle£4.50
HA4160APull Handle£5.50
HA4161APull Handle£5.64
HA4162APull Handle£10.27
HA4163APull Handle£4.89
HA4166APull Handle£5.56
HA4168APull Handle£8.61
HA4169APull Handle£2.58
HA4170APull Handle£3.74
HA4171APull Handle£5.22
HA4172APull Handle£4.77
HA4173APull Handle£3.96
HA4174APull Handle£6.12
HA4175APull Handle£4.23
HA4176APull Handle£5.05
HA4177APull Handle£9.63
HA4178APull Handle£10.00
HA78005Handle, Flat£3.87
HAE006ASquare Block Pull HandleFrom £4.16
HAE007ABoomerang Pull HandleFrom £2.03
HAE008AWave Pull HandleFrom £4.40
HAE009AOval Bridge Pull HandleFrom £3.76
HAE011AElegant Shaker Pull Handle£3.18
HAE017ALarge Keyhole Pull HandleFrom £4.85
HAE019AMaine Square Pull Handle£0.80
HAE020AMoon Shell Pull HandleFrom £2.21
HAE023ASlim Line Bar Pull HandleFrom £6.24
HAE024AOval Bar Pull HandleFrom £4.35
HA3907Bow Handle From £5.13
HA41000Pull Handle From £3.88
HA5028APull Handle £8.02
HA5029APull Handle £4.83
HA5031APull Handle £8.36
HA5032APull Handle £7.66
HA5033APull Handle £6.55
HA5034APull Handle £10.23
HA5035APull Handle £5.47
HA5036APull Handle £8.71
HA5037APull Handle £8.02
HA5038APull Handle £4.83
HA5040APull Handle £6.24
HA5041APull Handle £8.12
HA5042APull Handle £35.72
HA5043APull Handle £41.11
HA5044APull Handle £30.06
HA5045APull Handle £30.48
HA5046APull Handle £5.96
HA5047APull Handle £7.54
HA5048APull Handle £21.15
HA5049APull Handle £21.41
HA5050APull Handle £4.64
HA5052APull Handle £9.28
HA5053APull Handle £8.56
HA5054APull Handle £4.64
HA5055APull Handle £4.47
HA5056APull Handle £11.67
HA5057APull Handle £7.18
HA5058APull Handle £10.10
HA5059APull Handle £10.83
HA5062APull Handle From £4.83
HA5064APull Handle £72.01
HA5065APull Handle £33.15
HA5066APull Handle £35.72
HA5067APull Handle £41.11
HA5068APull Handle £30.06
HA5069APull Handle £30.48
HA5070APull Handle £10.42
HA5071APull Handle £10.42
HA5072APull Handle £9.32
HA5073APull Handle £10.07

A selection of contemporary cabinet handles which offer some truly unique and aesthetic designs. Browse through the various finishes and shapes above to find the perfect handle for you cabinet.