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For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...
Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

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10600003D Handle£2.06
11797250Bar Handle, Steel£0.91
HA3350D Handle, Round Feet£3.84
HA71006LBar Handle£13.34
HA998FD Handle, Curved EndsFrom £1.30
10120-0026Bar Handle and Jig Set£24.60
10474006Angled Boss Bar Handle, Zinc Alloy £1.86
HA3837Aries Bar Handle£3.68
HAC120ADuo Pull HandleFrom £2.60
10746664LAUREL Bar Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.74
10865051Bar HandleFrom £6.73
HA3359D Handle, Excelsior£2.34
10863001BOROS Bar HandleFrom £4.78
90301190MONT BLANC II R Section Pull HandleFrom £219.79
90305920PYRENEAN Round Section Pull HandleFrom £87.88
HAC103ALarge Keyhole Pull HandleFrom £5.38
HAC104ABar Pull HandleFrom £1.66
HAC105ABar Pull HandleFrom £4.85
HAC106AKeyhole Pull HandleFrom £2.67
HAC127ACranked Bar Handle, Dual FinishFrom £8.91
HAC538ABauhaus Pull HandleFrom £2.05
HAC539ARail Pull HandleFrom £2.27
HAC544ASerozzetta Azul Pull Handle From £12.85
HAC545ASerozzetta Trend Pull Handle From £12.85
HAC546ASerozzetta Pull Handle From £18.40
HAC547ASerozzetta Rose Kit From £3.50
HAC548AEurospec Carlton Pull Handle From £24.19
HAC549AEurospec Plaza Pull Handle From £24.19
HAC550AEurospec Treviri Pull Handle From £27.39
HA3837Aries Bar Handle£2.54
10944602Bar HandleFrom £7.66
10124007LYDIATE Keyhole Bar HandleFrom £2.18
10474011BOSTON Bar Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.68
10474030BEULAH Bar Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.50
10864000BAYSWATER Bar HandleFrom £5.14
11566045PIMLICO Bar Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.84
11569012CHELSEA Keyhole Bar HandleFrom £2.37
11740613MANDALAY D HandleFrom £1.50
11797218BELLA Bar Handle, SteelFrom £0.89
12219202AVA Bar HandleFrom £4.18
10018901Modular D HandleFrom £4.28
10894042Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £3.71
10894084Furniture Bar Handle, Aluminium £3.18
10894294Furniture Bar Handle, Aluminium £5.86
11293273Furniture Bar Handle, Aluminium £4.84
10894094Furniture Bar Handle, Aluminium From £4.79