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Professional tradesmen are generally aware that trying to save money by purchasing cheap tools is a false economy and it makes more sense to invest in good quality brands...
The kitchen is the heart of the home and design trends are always changing - so why not let Hart Wholesale help you get a handle on new kitchen trends? If you want to deliver an on-trend kitchen for your clients, then nothing updates cabinets faster than new handles...
As we move on from winter and into the warmer weather of spring, a feeling of freshness emanates the air...

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10212232Pull Handle, Zinc Alloy£1.49
10866220D Handle, Zinc Alloy£2.97
HA2004D Handle, WedgeFrom £2.61
HA3835Fusion Square HandleFrom £6.98
HA3904Tapered End Bar Handle£14.72
HA3905Curved handleFrom £1.73
10212606Square D Handle, Zinc Alloy £2.45
90303464CLAUDIO Pull Handle £24.20
10847266Ultra Modern Bar Handle, Aluminium £7.91
11062612Bar Handle £8.26
HAC540ABellingham Pull Handle £2.48
HAC336ASteelworx Pull HandleFrom £47.81
HA3375Pull Handle, Elegant SquareFrom £2.26
11073005D Handle, AluminiumFrom £1.56
HAC128ASquare Section D Handle,Dual Finish£4.50
HAC376ASquare Rose Pack for Pull HandlesFrom £4.97
10046001HARGRAVE D HandleFrom £6.11
HAC286AFulcrum D HandleFrom £1.23
HAC377AT Pull Handle, SquareFrom £14.30
HAC378AT Pull Handle, FlatFrom £12.85
HAC531ATurodi Pull HandleFrom £8.19
10212002BALTIMORE D Handle From £3.80
90101371Cranked Pull Handle, BrassFrom £9.71
10771903D Handle, Zinc Alloy£2.19
10870668GEOMETRIC D Handle £11.87
11285207Furniture Bar Handle, Aluminium From £8.81
11293202Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.94
10045061HARGRAVE D HandleFrom £2.65
10048051FENWICK D HandleFrom £3.76
10049001FENWICK D HandleFrom £7.75
10212056KESWICK Square D Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £1.97
10889046Bow Handle£7.13
10894274Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £9.88
11034236Montrose Pull Handle, Zinc AlloyFrom £3.14
11035253D Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.35
11121233NOIR D HandleFrom £12.12
11134053CONWAY D Handle, AluminiumFrom £4.70
11134201D HandleFrom £4.36
11164234D Handle, AluminiumFrom £6.76
11285224Furniture Bar Handle, AluminiumFrom £11.35
90319190SCALINO Single Pull HandleFrom £250.99
HAM162ACabinet Pull Handle, SquareFrom £7.22
HAM165ACabinet Pull HandleFrom £8.64
HAM176ACabinet Pull HandleFrom £6.26
DHF285ASwarovski Square Bar Cabinet Handle From £25.88
DHF130DKubus Pull HandleFrom £49.83
HAC101ASquare Section Pull HandleFrom £5.73
HAC107ARectangular D HandleFrom £4.64
HAC129ARectangular Section T-Bar HandleFrom £4.96
HAC282AAria Pull HandleFrom £3.10
HAC283AOvenco Pull HandleFrom £2.94
HAC288ASlim D HandleFrom £1.94
HAC379ASquare Mitred Pull HandleFrom £13.62
HAC541ABridge Pull HandleFrom £1.81
HAC542AHalcyon Pull HandleFrom £1.58
HAC543ASculpt Pull HandleFrom £2.05