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Cabinet Wooden Handles   Back to Cabinet Long Handles

19252405Inset Handle£1.55
19229422HALKIN Inset HandleFrom £3.85
19252421WILTON Cup HandleFrom £2.34
19343428TWIST Pull HandleFrom £10.43
19344401QUATRO KnobFrom £4.31
19560410SHAKER KnobFrom £1.84
19174308Inset Handle £0.97
HA1037Wooden Drawer Handle£1.57
HA1038Wooden Drop Handle£1.28
HA1043Wooden Inset HandleFrom £34.00
HA1045Wooden Surface Handle£84.00
HA4179APull Handle£9.20
HA4180APull Handle£12.15
HA4181APull Handle£10.72
HA4182APull Handle£9.38
HA4388APull Handle£2.02
HA4389APull Handle£2.02
HA4390APull Handle£1.35
HA4392APull Handle£1.86
HA4393APull Handle£1.69
MIS2226G Section HandleFrom £6.90
HA4394ABar handle £10.61
HA1028Wooden D HandleFrom £38.00
HA4396Pull Handle £15.32
HA5113APull Handle £10.31
HA5114APull Handle £8.48
HA5115APull Handle £10.34
HA5116APull Handle £10.74
HA5117APull Handle £6.67
HA5118APull Handle £6.67
HA5119APull Handle £9.93
HA5120APull Handle £10.17
HA5121APull Handle £7.48
HA5122APull Handle £6.23
HA5123APull Handle £6.23
HA5124APull Handle £6.67
HA5125APull Handle £9.93
HA5126APull Handle £7.48
HA5127APull Handle £7.88
HA5128APull Handle £13.57
HA5130APull Handle £14.99
HA5131APull Handle £8.87
HA5132APull Handle £13.60
HA5134APull Handle £9.95
HA5135APull Handle £11.95
HA5137APull Handle £7.76
HA4391APull HandleFrom £2.27
19254301Inset HandleFrom £1.63
19343487RECESS Pull HandleFrom £3.45
19318426TILAA Bar Handle £11.04
19579-0018BLOM Furniture Knob £10.20
19579-0019ARA Furniture Knob £10.20
19579-0020OSLO Furniture Knob £10.20
19579-0021OSLO Furniture Knob £10.20
19579-0022OSLO Furniture Knob £10.20
19257302Lay on Handle£1.83
HA4385APull HandleFrom £2.96
HA4386APull HandleFrom £1.65
HA4387APull HandleFrom £2.33
HA5129APull HandleFrom £6.94
HA5133APull HandleFrom £10.74
HA5136APull HandleFrom £11.42
HA1009Wooden Inset HandleFrom £20.00
19256305Pull Handle, Unfinished WoodFrom £1.88
19318739HELIN Handle £7.26
19318759TOTAK Handle £6.41
19318769SKANE Handle £5.73
19342408Bow Handle£6.77
19342414Bow Handle£5.87
19342418Bow Handle£7.42
19343468WILLOW Pull Handle From £6.75
19420410D Handle, Unfinished Wood £0.91

We stock various wooden cabinet handles in a range of decor and moulds. When browsing through some of our stock, users will find there are both traditional styles and more modern, unique shapes. So, it don't matter if you are looking for a bow handle or a wooden drawer handle, Hart Wholesale have plenty of products to meet every home improvement or tradesmans needs.