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Hart Wholesale | Wood Mouldings | Carved Shapes

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WG737Carved Fleur De Lys, Small£8.96
WG317Carved Footrail Centerpiece£8.51
WG326Carved Spatulated Oval, Large£10.75
WG327Carved Yorkshire Rose, Medium£12.99
WG328Carved Cross Shaped Florette£12.32
WG340Carved Scalloped Shell, Medium£14.00
WG341Carved Scalloped Shell, Large£16.24
WG344Carved Flag Flower, Medium£7.84
WG351Carved Country Flower Motif, Mini£8.40
WG365Carved Flame Patera, Oblong, Small£8.62
WG367Carved Chatsworth Rose, Large£11.20
WG402Carved Classical Medallion, Large£8.62
WG424Carved Flower Oval, Small£6.50
WG425Carved Yorkshire Rose, Small£8.85
WG426Carved Flag Flower, Small£6.83
WG427Carved Flag Flower, Mini£6.05
WG428Carved Chatsworth Rose, Medium£6.83
WG429Carved Chatsworth Rose, Small£6.27
WG431Carved Yorkshire Rose, Extra Large£20.72
WG437Carved Grape Motif, Small£8.85
WG450Carved Countryflower Flower Spray£10.08
WG451Carved Countryflower Centre Fan£5.04
WG467Carved Oakleaf Centrepiece, Large£8.85
WG538Carved Flower, Small£7.62
WG539Carved Flower, Medium£9.52
WG540Carved Flower, Large£13.33
WG542Carved Centrepiece for WG541£11.20
WG645Carved Victorian Shield, Small£11.09
WG646Carved Victorian Shield, Medium£20.16
WG731Carved Regal Crest£31.36
WG782Carved Shell Bed Center£20.16
WG847Carved Classical Patera£10.08
WG871Carved Adams Drop, Mini£2.58
WG872Carved Ribbon and Bow, Mini£2.91
WG920Carved Classical Medallion, Small£7.28
WG921Carved Classical Medallion, Small£8.06
WG922Carved Classical Rosette, Small£7.73
WG923Carved Classical Rosette, Medium£8.40
WG930Carved Classical Victorian Patera£11.76
WG931Carved Classical Victorian Patera£12.88
WG962Carved Harvest Wall Plaque£72.80