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Casement Non Locking   Back to Casement Fittings

WF1914Casement StayFrom £12.32
WF3703Window Stay, Bulb EndFrom £5.29
WFF101AWindow StayFrom £6.14
WFF103ABrighton Window FastenerFrom £3.28
WFF105ANarrow Fitch Fastener, Non LockingFrom £3.35
WFF107AWindow Fastener, BudgetFrom £1.43
WFF128ACasement StayFrom £4.93
90017954Casement Fastener, Hook PlateFrom £45.80
90017960Casement Stay, SlidingFrom £52.51
90017962Casement Stay, Non LockingFrom £53.12
90017964Roller Stay, BrassFrom £39.69
91159100Casement Stay for Timber WindowsFrom £5.32
91159115Non-Locking Rest, PlasticFrom £1.32
91159120Single Peg, Zinc AlloyFrom £0.97
97002412Casement Fastener, Mortice PlateFrom £42.13
97002622Quadrant Stay, BrassFrom £48.17
97002802Casement Fastener, Mortice and HookFrom £9.12
97002812Casement Fastener, Wedge PlateFrom £0.48
97002822Casement Stay with PegsFrom £9.24
97002852Casement Fastener, Vented WedgeFrom £11.36
97002864Casement Stay, Straight, BrassFrom £9.58
97003282Casement Fastener, Vented WedgeFrom £48.20
97003302Casement FastenerFrom £33.37
97004008Sash Fastener, EconomyFrom £1.53
97300900Restrictor Safety Catch, SteelFrom £0.79
WFZ008FFulton & Bray Casement FastenerFrom £7.20
WFZ008JFulton & Bray Wedge Fastener From £6.80
WFZ018AFulton & Bray Spoon Casement Stay From £8.00
WFZ006AFulton & Bray Casement StayFrom £11.87
WFZ007AFulton & Bray Casement FastenerFrom £11.69
WFZ008AFulton & Bray Casement FastenerFrom £11.69
WFZ009AFulton & Bray Flush Fitting PinFrom £4.49
ST504Stay, Plastic£1.35
WF1501Georgian Casement Fastener£2.00
WF1503Georgian Casement Fastener£2.00
WF1701Georgian Casement StayFrom £1.33
WF2911Quadrant Window Stay£3.23
WF2913Wedge Casement Fastener£1.04
WF3701Victorian Casement StayFrom £2.94
WF3702Victorian Casement Stay£2.21
WF808ERA Casement Fastener£11.11
WFC103ASquare Casement Fastener£23.42
WFC104ASquare Casement Stay£23.42
WFC106ARound Casement Fastener£22.99
WFC111AScrew Down Pattern Casement Stay£13.20
WFC114AGeorgian Casement Stay£9.83
WFC124ABeaded Casement Fastener£12.33
WFM102AWindow Stay, Georgian Rope DesignFrom £4.97
WFC115ABeaded Deluxe Casement StayFrom £12.13
97002442Casement Fastener, Wedge Plate£40.48
WFC101ACasement FastenerFrom £10.48
WFC102ACasement StayFrom £11.34
WFC107ARound Casement StayFrom £21.90
WFC109ABulb End Casement StayFrom £13.14
WFC110AVictorian Casement StayFrom £7.49
WFC112AQuadrant Arm StayFrom £17.57
WFC113ARoller Arm StayFrom £8.88
WFC117APin for Flush Fitting CasementFrom £4.70
WFC118AEJMA PinFrom £4.37
WFC121ABulb End Casement FastenerFrom £13.14
WFC125ACasement Fastener, ReversibleFrom £10.26
97300127Face Fix Restrictor £7.42
97300167Face Fix Restrictor £6.01
WFM103AWindow Stay, Casement Stay From £7.31
WFM104AWindow Stay, Ball Casement Stay From £7.43
WFM106AWindow Stay, Quadrant Stay From £8.98
97004019Sash Fastener, Fitch, Economy£1.54
WFF127ACasement Fastener £3.80
WF2912Casement Stay From £1.44
WF2912BCasement Stay £5.00
WF2931ORestrictor Safety CatchFrom £1.55
WF3707Bulb end Casement Stay £10.34
WF2905Fanlight CatchFrom £3.36
WFM118AFanlight CatchFrom £4.58
WF3705PBWindow Fastener, Bulb End £10.95
97106016Sash Fastener, Fitch PatternFrom £1.26
WFM120ASliding Casement Stay From £10.00
WFM121ARoller Arm Stay From £5.60

This is our page offering a selection of non locking, window cacement fasteners, stays, safety catches, restrictors, and their various accessories. Finishes vary between product to product but some of the more common options can be found in brass, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome plated, and zinc plated. Users will also find several different styles including Victorian and Georgian.