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Kitchen cabinets should be installed after the plumbing and rough wiring is done, but before the flooring has been installed...
Whether a gleaming oak floor or a smoothly painted and finished wall- these finishes are made possible by the application of sandpaper...

Cast Iron Handles   Back to Cabinet Traditional

12067950SMOOTH Cup Handle£3.95
12067960SMOOTH Knob £3.45
12067962SMOOTH Bow Handle£3.67
12067990GEORGE Knob£2.16
12306911GEORGE Cup Handle£4.20
DH468Antique Fleur De Lys HandleFrom £0.50
DH565AOval Mortice Knob£5.95
HA1031Chest Handle£31.96
HA3000DWarwick Heavy Duty Latch Only£7.17
HA3000EWarwick Long Backplate Only£7.17
HA3010APip Knob, Round, Cast IronFrom £6.32
HA3010BPip Pull Handle, Cast Iron£7.17
HA3011Texas Latch Handle, Cast IronFrom £2.59
HA3011ATexas Pull Handle, Cast IronFrom £3.57
HA3012Pip Pull Handle, Cast IronFrom £2.00
HA3013AYork Pull HandleFrom £7.36
HA3018Warwick Tudor Latch HandleFrom £2.91
HA3020RWarwick Cup Handle£1.77
HA3038Halkyn Iron Latch HandleFrom £3.39
HA3039Halkyn Iron Drop HandleFrom £4.21
HA3040Halkyn Iron Shell HandleFrom £2.59
HA3042Halkyn Iron Twist KnobFrom £2.42
HA3043Halkyn Iron D HandleFrom £2.69
HA3368Arran Pull Handle£3.68
HA4185APull Handle£12.08
HA4315APull Handle£7.99
HA4318APull Handle£5.14
HA4319APull Handle£6.21
HA4320APull Handle£4.45
HA4321APull Handle£2.16
HA4322APull Handle£2.05
HA4323APull Handle£2.60
HA4324APull Handle£2.58
HA4325APull Handle£5.44
HA73040Latch Pull Handle£4.13
HA73041Latch Pull Handle£3.73
HA77015Knob, T Shape£2.26
HA999Hotbed Handle£4.64
HAC229ATombstone Backplate Ring Pull£2.26
HAC230AShield Backplate Ring Pull£2.34
HAC231AGothic Cross Backplate Ring Pull£2.24
HA3000Warwick D handle, Cast IronFrom £2.59
HA3020PPlain Hammered Cup HandleFrom £2.33
HA4317APull HandleFrom £6.79
HA3815Pip Cup Pull Handle, Cast Iron£3.39
HA3012CPip Knob, Square, Cast IronFrom £2.16
12064013TAPER Bow HandleFrom £5.05
12067922GEORGE D HandleFrom £2.56
12307922Pull Handle, Cast IronFrom £3.32
HA4316APull HandleFrom £5.50
HAC232AHammered Finish Fleur De Lys HandleFrom £2.32
HAC233ADimpled Finish Fleur De Lys HandleFrom £2.32
HAC306ABean D HandleFrom £5.92
11635344BURBRIDGE Pull Handle, Cast IronFrom £2.02
12065350HELIOS Knob, Malleable IronFrom £4.85
12065360HELIOS Knob, Malleable IronFrom £5.10