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Centre Door Knobs   Back to Door Furniture

DHM217ADoor Knob, Centre£66.24
DFC104ACentre Door Knob£40.67
DFC108AOctagonal Centre Door Knob£14.19
DFC111AOctagonal Centre Door Knob£19.65
DFC129AGeorgian Centre Door Knob£14.48
DH423Georgian Centre Door Knob£2.80
DHM199ACentre Door Knob£11.59
DHM200ACentre Door Knob£16.90
DFF227ACentre Door Knob £5.99
DFA618APrestbury Centre Door KnobFrom £87.68
DFA619AOctagonal Centre Door KnobFrom £35.28
DFA620ACentre Door KnobFrom £26.60
DFC479AEurospec Centre Door Knob, Square £24.02
DFC512ALudlow Centre Door Knob £35.15
DFC107AEasy Centre Door KnobFrom £22.18
DFC109AOctagonal Centre Door KnobFrom £17.66
DFC110ARound Centre Door KnobFrom £18.32
DFC112ARound Centre Door KnobFrom £16.78
DFC113ACentre Door KnobFrom £17.09
DFC114ALarge Centre Door KnobFrom £67.04
DFC478AEurospec Centre Door KnobFrom £31.92
90170211Centre Door Knob, FixedFrom £6.57
90270530Centre Door Knob, Stainless SteelFrom £113.41
DHM424ACentre Door Knob, Square From £44.00
DHM425ACentre Door Knob From £22.40
DHM426ACentre Door Knob From £26.40
DHM201ACentre Door Knob, FacetedFrom £11.63
DHM202ACentre Door KnobFrom £15.67
DHM203ACentre Door Knob, OctagonalFrom £18.14

Welcome to our wholesale centre door knobs page. We supply several different shapes, tons of different styles and a nice amount of variety in finishes meaning users are almost certain to find a well suited match for there doors (design wise). We stock georgian, round, octagonal, and faceted to name just a few of our styles.