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One of the biggest trends in 2017 - which looks set to continue throughout the coming months - is to design rooms in private properties and businesses with an “industrial” theme...
Open plan and sectioned living space is becoming increasingly popular, and sliding doors are a great way to help your clients achieve their desired mix of openness and fluidity whilst retaining privacy...
Whether you're working on a renovation or a construction site, it's always important to go in prepared...

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00371671Flooring Clamp£39.12
00371719Edge Clamp£15.54
TOO362ARoughneck Spring Clamp£2.69
TOO361ARatchet Bar ClampFrom £2.80
TOO365AClamp, Quick Grip Cap From £11.12
00372620Bessey KR-Body ClampFrom £14.55
00372802Bessey One-Handed Clamp EZS £41.52
TOO360AYellow G ClampFrom £19.81
00369801Adjustable Clamp, SteelFrom £15.68
00371013All Steel Adjustable Clamps, SteelFrom £25.72
00371103KliKlampFrom £24.85
00371840DuoKlamp, SteelFrom £32.16

Welcome to our wholesale clamps page. We provide high quality clamping products that provide workmen with the versatility and flexibility needed to perform specialised tasks. Our stock includes various adjustable clamps, one handed, flooring, ratchet bar, and band clamps. For users looking to hold units and materials firmly in place while you work on them, these will work well.