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Hart Wholesale | Miscellaneous | Cleaning Materials

Cleaning Materials   Back to Miscellaneous

MIS2372WWonder Wipes£4.08
MIS2373BProDec Carpet Protecta, PVCFrom £9.50
00754511Cotton Rags, 100% Pure Cotton£24.97
00754512Cotton Rags, 100% Pure Cotton£101.72
00732130VuPlex Plastic CleanerFrom £4.74
00304125Glass Cleaner, Trigger Spray£3.30
00350991Surface Cleaner, MultiSolvent Blend£9.93
00350994PVCu Solvent Cleaner£4.18
00352940Gun and Foam Cleaner£7.18
00558265Polarshine T10 Polishing Cream£40.84
00732-0004VuPlex and Cloth Set£16.30
00734631Silicone Spray£5.74
007346403-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Drip Oil£4.57
00734642Multi Spray£5.11
00759210Multi-Wipes, 80 Wipes£7.84
00781152Floorstand Industrial Paper Wipe£46.13
00781153Centrefeed Paper Wipe£27.12
00852031Dustpan, Steel£6.36
00852101Industrial Broom, Wooden£12.61
00852905Rubble Sack, Set of 6£2.58
00852906Refuse Sack, Set of 10£2.41
00854500Swarfega 70 Heavy Duty Hand Wipes£14.36
00854562E-Cloth, General Purpose Pack£4.79
00854565VuPlex Microfibre Cloth£0.80
50227940Dust Pan and Brush Set, Plastic£31.51
56413998Apollo Timber Installation/Care Set£84.09
MIS2102Graffiti Remover Gel Aerosol£6.32
MIS2344AArbo Glass Cleaner£3.03
MIS2344BBohle Professional Glass Cleaner£4.50
MIS2363401 Brick and Patio Cleaner £2.69
MIS2364Block Guard Paving Stabiliser£81.20
MIS2372ACentre Feed Towel, 2 Ply£3.25
MIS2372BStockinette Roll£3.98
MIS2384RocksaltFrom £9.04
SSCLEANERStainless Steel Cleaner£13.15
TOO367ALiberon Abrasive Belt Cleaner£15.82
MIS2364ASika Mold Buster £17.04
MIS2372SScott Rags£3.42
MIS2364BResiblock Original £92.80
MIS2364CBrick and Patio Cleaner £4.13
MIS2372WWonder Wipes£3.60
MIS2372XWonder Wipes Spray£3.55
00759222TensorGrip S500 Industrial Wipes £9.80
MIS2372ProDec Multi-Purpose WipesFrom £2.58
00561210Steel WoolFrom £2.29
00854530E-Cloth Cleaning Pack£9.86
00854542E-Cloth Mop SystemFrom £6.38
MIS2373ProDec Floor Protecta, PVCFrom £11.12
MIS2372WWonder Wipes£15.88
00759016Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner £26.75
MIS2364Block Guard Paving Stabiliser 409£24.43
MIS2364BResiblock Original£49.97

Welcomes to Hart Wholesales cleaning materials section. We have a huge quantity of products suitable for a vast amount of tasks. Some exapmples of our stock includes silver polish, sealent remover, steel wool, dustpans and brushes, brooms plus hundreds of other products that can help with graffiti removal, cleaning glass and washing your hands.