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Hart Wholesale | Toilet Cubicle Fittings | Cloakroom Fittings

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Hart Wholesale supplies polished and satin stainless steel paper towel holders and hot air blowers to dry your hands in the cloakroom. The paper towel holders hold fanned paper towels or some hold the large rolls of paper hand towels. To match these drying products we have stainless steel waste paper bins and soap dispensers, these are freestanding or wall mounted.

TCH001AMini Chic Square Gel DispenserFrom £10.18
TCH002ATall Round Gel DispenserFrom £10.18
TCH003AMini Chic Square Gel DispenserFrom £12.75
TCH004ATall Round Gel DispenserFrom £15.28
98091407Air Care Fragrance RefillFrom £3.86
98091416Toilet Roll DispenserFrom £47.33
98091425Paper Towel DispenserFrom £49.82
98091418Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Bulk Pack£49.82
98091419Toilet Roll Dispenser, Dual Roll£54.81
98091420Toilet Roll Dispenser, Single Flap£24.85
98091421Cigarette Disposal Bin,Wall Mounted£54.81
98091422Soap Dispenser, Wall Mounted£39.83
98091423Soap Dispenser, Wall Mounted£49.82
98091424HEPA Filter for Gladiator Dryer£12.36
98011021Soap Dispenser, Worktop Mounted£34.74
98078212Paper Towel Dispenser, Steel 304£70.65
98078260Soap Dispenser, Wall Mounted£37.23
98078220Automatic Hot Air Hand Dryer£238.75
98091400Future Hand Dryer £123.75
98091401Future GLX Hand Dryer £95.62
98091402Gladiator Hand Dryer £151.88
98091403Hand Towel Dispenser £23.93
98091406Air Care 270ml Dispenser £24.78
98091410Mini Jumbo Roll Dispenser £17.31
98091411Hand Towel Dispenser £19.80
98091412Centrefeed Dispenser £24.78
98091413Manual Soap Dispenser £17.31
98091414Mini Jumbo Roll, 2 Ply £17.41
98091415Luxury Hand Towels, 2 Ply £32.35
98315000Automatic Hot Air Hand Dryer £199.09
TCH005AToilet Tissue Dispenser £45.26
TCH006APaper Towel Dispenser £42.83