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When it comes to choosing the right lights for the home, it’s crucial to consider all possibilities in order to make an informed decision...
Globally, there is a huge array of different working environments, from construction, to agriculture, to aerospace, to retail and more, each in need of different safety equipment...
For those who have limited mobility, it can be important to be able to live with as much independence as possible...

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82439300Wardrobe Anti Theft Coat Hanger£2.79
84261295Wardrobe Hook, Unbreakable Nylon£7.08
84419090Wardrobe Rail, Stainless Steel £115.93
84476001Folding Coat Hook, Stainless Steel £20.74
80520900Replacement Clip, Plastic £0.98
84238200Anti Theft Wire Coat Hanger From £3.24
84239280Wire Coat Hanger, Hooked £3.98
84239290Anti Theft Wire Coat Hanger £4.59
84433020Folding Coat Hook From £8.41
84433030Folding Coat Hook From £12.07
82447000Wardrobe Hooked Coat HangerFrom £1.66
84239190Anti Theft Clip On Coat HangerFrom £2.05
80432006Coat Hanger, Standard Type £6.42

Do you find yourself running out of coat hangers quickly? Do they seem to go missing when you are in urgent need of spare hangers? Not to worry, Hart Wholesale have a great collection of clothes hangers that can be purchased in bulk or individually. Some come with trouser bars, others offer a more standard solution and some are even designed with anti theft measures in place.